Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving to a New Address!

Okay, you guys, I've done it:  I've migrated over to WordPress!!  I'm the same ol' Average P, but I've got a new web address:


(as opposed to this address, which is simply anaverageathlete.com)  The move is far from complete, but I feel like I'm up and running enough to let you come over and hang out.  Pardon any glitches while I'm still figuring things out.  Specifically, I'm not entirely sure how to migrate over your subscriptions!  But, I think I've made it really easy to subscribe in a couple of ways - on the right side of the screen, you can choose to subscribe by email or with an RSS feed, and I'm working on updating my Bloglovin' profile to include the new address.  

So, PLEASE come see me!!

New WordPress Blog Adventures of an Average Athlete
My new home - isn't she pretty???  I'm so excited!