Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Motivators

Looky there, it's Monday again already!  And that means it's time for Monday Motivators - the weekly check-in (and link-up with Laura, who would rather be on the couch) on our fitness goals.  Check out the link up and feel free to join in!

Foam Roller goal?  Met!
You may recall that last week's goals were not lofty.  Spoiler alert!  This week's goals won't be, either.  Here's how things shook down:

  • GOAL:  Get my ass on the foam roller twice.
  • RESULT:  Woo hoo!  My ass got on that foam roller FOUR times!  And that's not even including how I just now rolled out my calves for like two seconds taking the above photo.  I'm calling this a huge win.
  • GOAL:  Get up and walk around every hour while I'm on the computer
  • RESULT:  Uhhhhh, what?  I honestly forgot this goal less than three minutes after I wrote it down - it actually surprised me when I went back to read last week's post because I had put it that far out of mind.  But I would argue that I spent more time up and moving around this week, just in general.  So... I'm calling this a rollover goal, since I apparently didn't even try to meet it.
Alrighty then.

This week's goals:

  • Get up and walk around every hour while I'm on the computer.  I'm trying to decide on a practical way to actually implement this, and it seems like maybe I should set an alarm on my phone or something.  
  • Get on my bike.  It's been about a million years since I've ridden and the weather is so nice.  No goal for mileage or speed, because heaven only knows where my bike fitness is right now (except that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even use the phrase "fitness" to describe it).
 I've spent so many years thinking about my fitness goals in terms of miles run and races coming up - this is super refreshing to focus on other details!

What's your goal this week??


Marcia said...

Ass on foam roller for the win! I've actually done some hip strengthening this week so go me. My goal is to cruise into race day Saturday....even if I'm so not prepared. Oh well.

Taking the Long Way Home said...

More foam rolling. My toe, which intermittently makes my life a living hell...(ok, exaggeration) has been yacking at me. I need to roll out everything else to keep me from landing on it.

Laura said...

I sit SO FREAKING MUCH at the computer. I definitely need a goal like yours. So I'm shopping around for daily activity trackers but can't make a decision to save my life. Anyway, good job with the foam rolling! And thanks for joining in again this week!

dion.middelkoop said...

Also always plan on tacking a break from the desk every hour...

HoHo Runs said...

I think my hips would feel better if I stood up at work, which consists of all day on a computer. I need one of those new fangled stand up desks.