Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Monday Motivators (on a Tuesday)

My girl Laura over at I'd rather sit on the couch (BTW, the lack of title case is directly from her blog.  You may or may not be surprised how much it's bugging me to leave it that way.) has a new link-up that I'm joining this week - Monday Motivators!  I, obviously, was not as motivated on a Monday as she might have hoped, but I'm still in!  Here's the premise:  you set yourself a fitness goal for the week and then check in each Monday (-ish) to stay accountable.  I can do that!

I didn't participate last week, so I don't have any triumphs to report, but here's what I'm planning to do this week:

  • Rest more
Strange goal, right?  Well, here's the thing.  I work out plenty.  I run six days a week and I cross-train three.  My mileage is fine, my strength training is fine, my core work is fine.  But right now I am really struggling and I can't quite put my finger on what's going on.  I don't feel anemic, exactly, but I do feel a lot more tired than I'd like to be.  I'm not taking naps, but I am sure thinking about them (I really try hard not to nap, since it screws up my nighttime rest, but that's sort of funky right now, too, so maybe I should just take a nap).  My legs are just tight all the time lately and don't seem to have the snap I'm looking for in my runs.  Weirdly, even though my mileage isn't high at all, I almost feel overtrained.

I'm going to do my best with that "listen to your body" thing.  Not my forte in general, especially when it comes to rest!  The real question here is how do I quantify this goal?  Because I do what I do, the likelihood of me taking more days of rest is pretty much zero, so I think what I really need to focus on is resting smarter, not harder.  For a person whose job it is to exercise, I actually spend a lot of time sitting - editing my videos, blogging and reading business-related stuff - so I'd like to rest more actively, if that makes sense.  And, since it's still on my Goals for 2015 list that is right here next to my computer even though I haven't followed through on it, I'd like to get my ass on the foam roller.

Ugh!  This officially makes me one of those Resolutionists.  These goals have moved waaaaaay down my list of priorities.  Meaning, they haven't been done.  Like.  At all.
So, here is my already-revised-from-two-paragraphs-ago list of fitness goals for this week:

  • Get my ass on the foam roller twice this week
  • Get up and walk around every hour while I'm on the computer
I was going to be more ambitious than this, but I know better than most that tackling too many things at once is the fastest way to fail at all of them.  So, cheers to baby steps!  I'll check in with these next week.

What are your fitness goals this week?  Wanna join in the link-up?  Go see Laura!!


Laura said...

Hahaha! That pic cracks me up! As does your comment about title case. Sorry about that! Kind of surprising that I went that route being someone with OCD tendencies... Anyway, I love your goals. It totally fits with where my head is at this week too: rest. (and, BTW, You can totally join in any day of the week). So glad you linked up!

Taking the Long Way Home said...

Another fun link up? So many link ups, so little time...anyways...I'm not great at resting, but I will be taking a couple weeks off in May after my next half, to give myself a chance to recover before marathon training starts.

Andrea said...

I'm working on the whole listen to my body thing. It's more do what I want and then listen to it complain.