Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trillion Things Tuesday

It is Tuesday, right?  I'm having one of those months where it's really hard to tell.

You.  Guys.  When Little Boy was really little, he was pretty much the happiest kid on Earth.  You would honestly not know that now, since he is riddled with teen angst so much of the time and has actively pursued a nonchalant persona.  But when he was small, he was happy all. the. time.  Sometimes he would get SO HAPPY that his little tiny body couldn't even contain it anymore and he would just scream!  It was sort of alarming if you didn't know him, but if you did, you knew.  He was just that happy.

OMG, that squishy little face!
That's how I feel today.  I am SO HAPPY that I can't even contain it!  Here's why, in bullet points with lots of exclamation marks (but almost no actual screaming):

  • I got the dream-come-true email this morning that I have been selected as a SkirtSports Ambassador!!!!!  If you have been reading my blog for more than two seconds, then you have seen a photo or seven of me wearing my favorite skirt and probably read about how much I love it. (Link is to a recent post where I talked about retiring old running gear, and even though I am wearing one of my many SkirtSports skirts in 14 of the 19 photos, it has never once occurred to me to retire them.  You can pry them from my cold, dead hands, thankyouverymuch.)  I know your first thought upon reading this exciting news is, "Pahla, that's great, but what's in it for me?"  Well, coming very soon, I'll have a super awesome discount to offer you on anything from SkirtSports, which, in case you didn't know, has way more than just skirts.  So, yay!  Plus.  Well, you'll be sure to see more pictures of me in skirts, and that's just a win for everyone, right?
July, 2010
  • I did something entirely out of character for me recently:  I volunteered to run a pace group at the Running of the Elk half marathon I'm running this weekend!  I am beyond excited and only just nervous enough that I already can't sleep.  I was totally already signed up for this race because it's part of the NorCal Tour de Fit, and based on the way things are going with my lungs and the allergies/asthma nonsense this spring, I knew there was no way I would be racing for time.  So, when the call went out on Facebook for a 2:45 pace leader, I jumped on it.  What a phenomenal way to give back and still enjoy the run for myself!  Yes, I know that just sounded a little selfish.  It's true, though, and the dirty little reason why I have never volunteered at a race before - I'd rather be running!

source   One of the many, many things that I am worried about is whether or not the sign I will carry has balloons attached.  I am weird about balloons.  Well, to be fair, I am weird about a lot of things, and balloons are just one of them.  I don't like 'em!

  • We are knee-deep in track season around here and my kids are doing really, really well!  Pretty much the only time I will make an exception to my "I'd rather be running" rule is when I get to watch my kids.  Dude.  They are so freaking fast!  And, to be brutally honest, they're not even close to the fastest kids out there.  Watching high schoolers run is so exciting!  I never ran track (or, you know, around the block) when I was a teenager, so this is all new to me, and I still have a hard time comprehending the speeds these kids are running.  Both of my boys are clocking mile times under five minutes, and two miles under 11.  Insane!

Here you go.  To contrast with the photo above.  My sardonic teenager, who can't even get excited about winning a friggin' medal, because he came in 4th place.  Oy!

  • This right here is my 300th blog post!  Of course, if I had been blogging more regularly (I'm looking at you 2013, with your whopping five posts all year), I would have hit 300 many moons ago.  But, ignoring that, I am really excited about this milestone!  Thank you for reading my semi-coherent ramblings for all these years (or, if this is the first time you've been here, this one time) - I appreciate it!

Okay, I think that's it.  So I guess it wasn't a trillion actual things, but more like a trillion thoughts bouncing around in my head.  Like that's new.

What's exciting for you lately??  Have you ever run a pace group at a race??


Kelly TheWellReadRedhead said...

Ok first--please don't kill my dream that my boys (ages 1 and 3) will not be happy like this FOREVER?? I mean...my oldest is always going to sit at dinner singing the Skinnamarink song and making up jokes about bananas...right...? :-P LOL

Good luck with the pace group! I just got my first Garmin a month ago, so I haven't gotten good enough at pacing myself yet, let alone a band of merry followers. But maybe one day :)

HoHo Runs said...

I haven't paced a group yet. I feel like my pace is not consistent enough. I have teen boys...enough said. I have one SkirtSports skirt and I love it. Zebra print. Great pockets.

MCM Mama said...

Congratulations on becoming a Skirt Sports Ambassador. It's a great group!

PahlaB said...

Thank you! I'm excited to be joining you! :)

PahlaB said...

Oh, I am totally going to look for the zebra print, that sounds awesome! And I know you feel my pain on the teenage thing. *sigh*

PahlaB said...

OMG, I am totally going to call whoever joins me my band of merry followers - I love it!!
You've got plenty of singing at the table years left, lucky girl. :) Oh, and the banana jokes will be around for a long time...except that the banana will be a euphemism. Lol!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the ambassadorship! :) Too cool!

We're getting set for a return to XC and track next year; my older boys both ran in middle school but not HS, and now my BABY will be hitting middle school next year. You're SO right about how fast HS kids are. I watched my nieces last year while my brother and SIL did a 5k and was floored by how many kids were finishing soooooo far ahead of my wildest goal time. Craziness.

Michael said...

I think being a pacer would be fun, but I'd have to be like the 3 hour pacer to feel like I could make sure they came in on time. Have a blast! I bet you love it. My blog has been pretty non-existant since last summer. I am finally, getting back to it some.
Great news about SkirtSports! I am a fan!

Laura said...

That is a lot of exciting stuff! Now I hope I can remember the trillion things I wanted to comment on... 1) You look super hot (hopefully you don't find my saying that creepy, ha!) in your running skirt. 2) I have always thought it would be really cool to lead a pace group. How awesome that you get to do it!!! 3) I think my 2014 beat your 2013. Two posts total. Woohoo! 4) I ran track my freshman year of high school and was literally the slowest one. This is not an exaggeration. So thank you for mentioning how fast everyone is. Makes me feel a little better. 5) That last pic of your son cracks me up. Such a teenager. :)

PahlaB said...

I think you had more replies than I had bullets! :) 1. Not creepy, totally appreciated. 3. You're an overachieving underachiever - lol! 5. I have SO many photos of myself at the same age with the same expression, I suppose I deserve this.

PahlaB said...

And I love that you're starting to blog more! :)

PahlaB said...

Thank you, and welcome back to the XC/Track mama club!

Kelly TheWellReadRedhead said...

HA! Didn't even think of that! :-P

Andrea said...

I will be excited to hear how you did a pace group leader. I think you will be awesome and wish I was in your group. Seriously. And that is close to my speed these days!