Friday, February 13, 2015

Four Non-Thematic Things on Friday

I wanted to have a really awesome post today, with a theme or at least a central idea.  Possibly some coherent thoughts.  Maybe I could even pull myself together enough to link up somewhere.  But no.  My brain is like scrambled eggs today, so you're getting some bullets with a little bit of verbal (written?) diarrhea.  You're so welcome for that.

Also?  You should be really, really careful when you Google anything with the word "diarrhea."  Just.  Throwing that out there.
Thing One:  I managed to skip the post-race blues after last weekend's amazing half marathon by slamming straight into "Holy crap I'm running a 50K in two weeks" mode.  Not familiar with that feeling?  It's very similar to panic.  With a side dish of "What the Hell was I thinking?"

I love that Friends is on Netflix now.  The boys and I have been obsessively watching since the first of the year and I'm a little sad that we're almost done.
Thing Two:  Sometimes being in business for yourself is a little overwhelming.  This week, in particular, because I'm trying some new marketing ideas and my learning curve for "new things" is apparently very steep.  Between the boot camp that I run, being a YouTube fitness star (Ha!  That cracks me up every time.  But I'm going to keep saying it.), my regular mom stuff, and my running, I feel like I've got a lot of balls in the air and there's a very strong possibility that they are going to fall on my head.

OMG, even LEGO clowns are scary!
Thing Three:  Speaking of mom stuff, this week has been a little rough around the edges there, too.  The Prom is coming up, and...  well, let's just say that hopes have been dashed and hearts have been broken about a certain girl.  You seriously couldn't pay me to be a teenager again!  And if I think I have a busy schedule with three races on the calendar for March, then I'm really glad I'm not my kid who has four track meets, the SAT, the Prom (hopefully), and his driver's test.

The road is full of crazy drivers.
Thing Four:  This deserves its very own blog post (in fact, I'm trying to convince him to start his own blog so all of his adventures get their own post!), but somehow that did not happen this week, so let me take this opportunity to brag about my amazing husband.  Last Saturday, he ran a HUGE (trail) 50K PR, shaving 37 minutes off his previous best time!  The course was muddy and treacherous after all the rain we got on Friday, but he ran it like a boss, coming in at 5:24:51, 8th place OA and 4th in his AG.  There was about 5,400 feet of climbing over the course of the 31 miles and yet somehow he ran it at a 10:15 pace.  Which is like top speed on flat ground for me.  I'm so stinkin' proud of him!

It takes a lot of coordination to run and take selfies at the same time!

One of the many difficult-to-navigate water crossings.

Pretty (muddy) trail.

The climbing is tough, but the views are worth it, even on a cloudy day.

My favorite post-race photo.  He ran out of fuel around Mile 28 and the last three miles are all uphill.  Once he got something to eat and drink, he was fine, I promise!

How was your week?  Do you have anything crazy coming up?


HoHo Runs said...

You've gotta lot of life happening! Enjoy. You'll rock the 50k too. As a mom of teen boys, I understand.

Kate Lavelle Geisen said...

WTG, UIH! That's seriously impressive!

I can't imagine being in business for myself. I'm sure it has to be overwhelming at times, especially the marketing part.

I hear you on the teenage heartbreak, too. It's sooo hard to watch your kids go through breakups and heartbreak and disappointment, and even though you KNOW things work out in the end and this will be a tiny blip to them in another 10 years, it's still so painful to watch in the moment. And I don't even have any teenagers anymore (until my youngest gets there in 2 more years), but we just had long distance heartbreak when my son who's stationed in Japan had his girlfriend break up with him almost the minute he got there. I mean, we all knew it wasn't going to work out, but give the kid a chance to get his feet on the ground before you pull the rug out from underneath him! Luckily he's moved on and happy now, but that was a painful week or two, and so hard when he's halfway around the world. (But enough about

Marcia said...

Congrats to UIH! That is awesome. Wow your 50k sure snuck up fast! Prom? Heartbreak? I think I need to just stop by here to see what lies ahead for me on the teenager front. Those days were not my favorite. Yay for killing it on the business front!

dion.middelkoop said...

Pleased My race was just a standard marathon this weekend I would ahve been walking if there were 8 more km to go... So any 50km finisher is a hero!

Laura said...

I'm looking forward to a prom update... your boys would love to provide that, right?

PahlaB said...

Oh, Kate, that makes me so sad!! Parenting is hard enough when they're still in your house, but wanting to give him a hug when he's so far away is tough for me to picture! I'm glad he's moved on. We're still working on that...

PahlaB said...

I didn't enjoy being a teenager myself, and I have to tell you, it's almost as difficult watching your kids go through it themselves. I just want to fix everything!!

PahlaB said...

"Just" a marathon - that's awesome!

PahlaB said...

No update yet. I'm trying to work my mama magic and convince him that there are plenty of other girls. Believe me, I will post news when there is news. :)