Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Runnin' Hot

I only had a couple of miles on the books today.  Actually - let me digress right here in the first sentence - I don't even have a "book" going right now.  I stopped using any kind of a training schedule last year when I wasn't sure what each day would bring me, and I haven't gotten back to it yet.  I like keeping it loose and deciding before I go to bed what I'll have time for the next day.  Don't get me wrong, I always plan for a run, but I like to stay flexible as to exactly what day I'll do what mileage.  I have a little calendar I keep on my desk and I've noodled out approximate weekly mileage and long run goal mileage for the next few months.  So it's not like it's completely unplanned.  It's just that I'm being a little loosey-goosey with the daily details.

Anyway.  Four miles on my mental book today.

I went to work at 5 am, like I do, and I worked two one-hour bootcamps, until 7 am.  It was pretty cold this morning (45F degrees) for standing around while other people were exercising.  Here's what I had on:

Starting from the bottom:

  • My thickest pair of Injinjis
  • Another pair of regular socks
  • Altra Intuitions
  • Running capris
  • Yoga pants
  • Running tank top
  • Short-sleeved running shirt
  • Medium-weight jacket (medium for California standards - probably pretty light for other places)
  • North Face ThermoBall jacket
  • Thick running gloves
  • Running buff
I was so cold after the two hours of work that I had to sit in my car with the heater on for a few minutes before I could go for my run.  But even so, I peeled off my outer pants (not to be confused with underpants), my second pair of socks, and both jackets.  I added some running sleeves, but knew they wouldn't stay on long.  This is what I wore to run:

Does this outfit make me look flat?
It was way too much clothing!  The arm sleeves were off by Mile 1 and the buff came off by Mile 2.  I totally wanted to take off the top shirt, but I had to pee really bad and didn't feel like stopping and wasting time.  The capris made me crazy.  If I hadn't been at work before the run, I would have been wearing shorts or a skirt.

And yet, while I was out, I saw several other runners who were bundled up as though we live in the Tundra.  Long-sleeved shirts with big jackets, tights with overshorts, thick hats.  What is that?

I'm not generally a warm-blooded type - I complain about being cold when I'm at home and the heater is on.  And I definitely used to wear more clothing on winter runs, but the older I get, the less I wear.  It's funny, because UltraIronHubs used to head out in cold weather with practically nothing on, but these days he layers up like I would dress my babies when they were little.  Middle age is a funny time.

What do you wear for winter weather?  Are you a "hot" runner?


Marcia said...

Ooooh the beloved Thermoball! I am loving the aqua! I am a hot runner. It has to be <23 for me to wear gloves and I never wear more than one pair even if it's zero. But my runner's amnesia flares and sometimes I tend to overdress in winter.

PahlaB said...

Thanks Cecilia! Kinder feels like yesterday and a million years ago at the same time.

PahlaB said...

Thank you! I can't even start thinking about my younger one leaving, too (even though he's only two years behind his brother)! Waaah!

PahlaB said...

Lol, Runner's Amnesia is why I keep signing up for races, too. :)

Laura said...

I always feel colder than the average bear, running or not. For running... It has to be like at least 80 F before I switch from capris to shorts and to a sleeveless shirt. My short sleeve/long sleeve cutoff is about 60 F. And my pants to capris cutoff is probably about 50 F. You know, in case you were interested in a detailed qualitative breakdown of my running wardrobe... Geez. I need to END THIS.

Lacey@fairytalesandfitness said...

I hate running in the cold. When I do I always find that I still do not have enough layers on. I also do not plan my day to day workouts.It's really whatever I can fit in that day. But at least it is always something.

Andrea said...

I overdress and tend to keep it on once it's on. Not good but that's me.

PahlaB said...

I agree that I hate taking off layers, but sometimes I get a little nutty about being too hot. By sometimes I mean usually. :)

PahlaB said...

You might be surprised to know how much I care about the detailed qualitative breakdown of your running wardrobe! My shorts to capris cutoff is never. :)

PahlaB said...

A fellow non-planner! I love it!