Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On My Mind

Happy Hump Day!  Although, here at the ol' Triple As, it's more like Brain Dump Day.  Here's what's on my mind today, in no particular order:

  • Twitter.  Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am really, really, really late to this party, but I only just recently decided that I am capable of The Twitter.  I've actually had an account since 2009 (before I even started BLOGGING, y'all!), but every time I got on, it was totally confusing, so I stayed away.  I'm not even sure why I came back to it for the 83rd time, but all of a sudden I love it!  So.  Come be my Twitter friend.  I'm @PahlaB and I'm sure you know more about Twittering than I do.
  • Follow to unfollow.  I've totally seen this before and I've heard about it from others, but for some reason it's really bugging me right now.  Maybe it's because I'm trying to be a more active member on a couple of different social media lately that I'm really noticing it.  It's so rude!  Call me old-fashioned, but when I follow somebody on any platform - blogging, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram - I'm actually interested in what they are posting.  I'm truly looking to make a connection and join a conversation.  That's my social media "strategy," which I guess explains why I don't have 20K followers.  Ha!    
  • OMG, but I do have 1,000 followers on my YouTube channel!  I know that's small potatoes for a lot of people, but I squealed like a little girl when I hit that milestone last week.

  • Operation Racing Weight is hitting a snag.  So, I've been making some changes lately to the way I'm eating, trying to work on my resolution/goal/whatever you want to call it where I remove the weight I put on while dealing with anemia.  And the eating part has been going really well!  I've lost a few pounds and I'm feeling really energetic all day.  But, oh, man!  The running part suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.  Like, yesterday I was barely across the street before I was sucking wind and wondering when I could be done.  So very not bueno.  I'm tinkering with the fuel this week to see if I can figure out what works for me.  This topic deserves a full post, so once I get a handle on things, I'll tell you more about what I'm tweaking.
  • Homecoming.  This week is Winter Homecoming at my kids' school, which is wrapping me up in bigger knots than I'd like to admit.  The dance is on Saturday and it's a Sadie Hawkins, which meant that I was on pins and needles last week waiting for the girls that my boys have crushes on to ask them.  I seriously don't know how mothers of girls get through this.  Thankfully, that part all worked out, and now we are on to the choosing of outfits and buying of corsages.  We were on Google images for hours last night looking for ideas.  Yes, I'm overthinking the flowers.  You should not be surprised by this.
  • And finally, there's this name I'm trying to remember.  There's this kid that Big Boy went to elementary school with that I was thinking about the other day.  Like, a passing thought.  Nothing important at all, except for the fact that I can't come up with his name.  I can see his face clear as day, I can remember the mom's name and lots of other details about the family, but that name is eluding me and it's driving me nuts!  Of course I could drag out any number of old school pictures (they were in class together several times over the years), but I am determined to come up with it on my own.  No matter how long it takes.  I was kind of hoping that typing this out would jog up some sort of memory, but still no.  Dang!

Whew!  My brain can take a little vacation now that it's not so full!  Thanks for listening to the rant.

Tell me, do you ever follow to unfollow??  And when you can't remember something, do you look it up or do you suffer through the trying to remember??


Marcia said...

Follow to unfollow drives me nuts! I would never do that. I even feel sorry for people who follow me that I'm not interested in. I usually follow them back anyway. Personally I think the unfollow thing is a reflection of character. Not a good one. With Thing 1 hitting high school next year I am bracing for the whole dating/dance/boy thing.

PahlaB said...

I follow back, too! I figure if they looked at my pictures or read my blog or liked my Tweets, then we maybe have more in common than I can see from their profile.

dion.middelkoop said...

I unfollow people of facebook if they start posting things I don't want to read... I also have about 200 friend requests on fb that I won't friend... If I don't know the person and don't like what they post, sorry!

YouTube ? so do you post videos every day?

I have lots of guys following me on strava, and I only follow a couple who I want to know what training they are doing (checking out the competion!)

Andrea said...

I hate the follow/iunfollow thing. I lose followers and I suspect it's people just looking for a number. I too care about the people I follow. I have not gone to Twitter and don't plan to but keep me updated as to how you like it. I feel like I spend too much time already. I LOVE Ig. I admit it. I'm all about the pictures.

PahlaB said...

Twitter is fun in a different way - lots of reading, lots of ideas. I'm enjoying it, but it's definitely another time suck! If/when you join, you know I'll follow you! :)

PahlaB said...

Oh, I totally ignore Facebook requests from people I don't know! Facebook feels a little more personal to me (which is funny because I don't talk about poop on FB, but I do here. Ha!)
I haven't figured out Strava well enough to follow people I don't know, but I would love to see more stats from others.
And, yes, I post follow along workout videos on YouTube. Not every day, but about 3x a week. There's a viewer bar on the side of my page here if you wanna check them out. Or just listen to my funny accent. :)