Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Better Than Good

I thought for sure I'd be a complete wreck after Sunday's race, but you know what?  I feel good.  I feel like the title of this post!

With one teeny, tiny exception, that hurts more than you might expect from how small it is:

For the love of Pete, would somebody PLEASE remind me to BodyGlide the back of my armpits before my next race?!?  How do I forget this every time??  Also, side note:  while taking 57 photos of this chafing I couldn't help but notice that there's just not a good angle from which to photograph one's own armpit.  So hopefully I'll never have to do this again.

Other than that, I'm feeling great.  No sign of post-race blues and only the faint beginnings of Christmas panic (maybe because I'm waaaaaaaay ahead of my normal game and have actually purchased some gifts already).  My legs are a little tight and stiff, but that's pretty much just my life.  I don't really notice it until I try to do something foolish like touch my toes.

I took the day off of running on Monday and put in a few easy miles with clients yesterday (Tuesday), and took today as a rest day as well.  I'm working out the kinks in my left butt/hammy/ITB, but, again, that's not new or different from the marathon.  I'll take it easy and short for the rest of the week, definitely, but I'm already looking forward to more training!  I've got some exciting things in the hopper for 2015 now that I'm feeling more or less recovered from anemia.

Wanna see something that looks nicer than my raw armpit?  Check out my race photos!   Link is to the page with all the proofs because I didn't want to steal.  Too much.  I couldn't help but post this one!  This is exactly how I felt at the finish line.

I generally buy the finish line photos if I'm going to get one, and I think this one is totally worth it!

Do you have a spot that always chafes?
What's your take on race photos - do you like middle of the race action shots or finish line triumph?


One Crazy Penguin said...

That's a great photo!

ajh said...

I absolutely have a place I always chafe- and the doctor often asks me about it. I chafe even with short runs on my chest.
I buy race photos very seldom but i have. Lots of tris seem to give them free. I love that. A half marathon I did last year also had free photos and there were lots of them and they were quite good. (The scenery not me.)

ajh said...

Absolutely buy that one!