Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snapshot Saturday

Eighteen Miles.  1350' of climbing.  Fourteen water crossings (though none of them were actually deep enough to get my shoes wet!) Photo credit goes to UltraIronHubs, which is why they're all of my backside.  LOL!

Okay, technically, this was more of a mud crossing, but I still counted it.

Gorgeous wooden bridge.  I didn't count this as one of our water crossings, actually.

Puddle jump!

Wild iris.  I think.

Little balance beam.

Big balance beam.

Looks like I'm entering a cave.

There were lots of runnable sections of the trail, too, but it really seemed like the whole day was technical and rocky like this.

Action jumping shot!

Careful...caaaaaaaaaaarefuuuuuuuuullllllllll.  I should have just splashed through these, but I'm a weenie.

This view didn't suck.

Slow and hot, a "character building" run for sure.  I was whiny and underfueled the whole time, but I got 'er done!


Lancer!! said...

Great pics, UltraP! I mean, "Great pics, UIH!" I gotta' try that trail-running thing sometime. It looks like fun.

Teamarcia said...

You are just badass. I'd love to come out there and run with you but I'd probably make it maybe 3 miles if I'm lucky. Oooh I like UltraP!

coach dion said...

I didn't quite spend that much time on the trails this weekend, but I could have been as slow... something about the trails that stops you looking at your pace!

great pictures of your ass... sorry view!!!