Saturday, March 29, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!!!

Just a few more notes about last weekend's Modesto Half Marathon:

On a whim, I added a few songs to my iPod Shuffle right before the race.  I really like having a new song pop up, sometimes it can bring a lot of energy to a run.  Of course, sometimes it can suck, too, but that's what the skip button is for.  My new totally favorite running song is now, "Everything is AWESOME!!!" from The LEGO Movie.  This song is hilarious!  What struck me as particularly apropos during the race was when they are listing awesome things and one of them is allergies.  Ha!  Well, that's a very positive way of looking at things, I suppose.

 One of the better perks of running the Modesto Half Marathon is the free race photos.  I love it when RDs do that!  Especially when I look this "AWESOME!!!"  You would never know that I could barely breathe during this race from the huge smile on my face.

This was pretty early on.  I think everybody was still smiling for these.

Those gloves are full of snot.

And that guy behind me with whom I am unintentionally color-coordinated is my imaginary friend.  We passed each other SO many times!  I wish I'd had the lung power to talk with him.

Anybody looking for a chicken wing?  I got a coupla them right here!

PW?  What PW??

This week's running has been going exceptionally well, in spite of still being all full of mucous.  I'm just going slow and enjoying the miles because the AR50 is one week from today!  *gulp!*


coach dion said...

I looked at that last picture with your time in it 2h44:28 and the sign to the left said: Modesto Marathon and you called that a PW for a marathon... then I saw the half or 5km race as well, hoping it was the half and not the 5 you ran I reread the start of your blog... HALF!

AR 50, 50km or 50miles?

ajh said...

You take good photos!