Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update: My YouTube Channel and a 14-Mile Half Marathon!

In my real life – you know, those silly hours I spend doing something other than training.  Whatever. – I work in my own business as a personal trainer.  It’s pretty much the most awesome job in the world.  Mostly I go to people’s houses and kick their asses for an hour.  Seriously, can you imagine anything better?!?

Fran and Mary Workout 003One of my mother-daughter pairs.  These girls rock!

Off and on for the past year that I’ve been training, I’ve posted some how-to type videos on my YouTube channel.  Like, for example, this one:

Working out in your living room with Pahla B

I’m certainly not a professional videographer, but the videos are something I enjoy doing, so I’m working on posting more consistently and I’d love some feedback from you guys: 

Do you ever search for workout-at-home videos on YouTube, or do you mostly like videos of cats?

If you do watch workout at home videos, do you want to watch and follow along to a full-length workout, or do you want to watch short videos for ideas?  Or do you just like to laugh at the silly antics of cats?

Speaking of cats, I’m running a half marathon this weekend!

It’s the Cool Moon 10-mile race that I looooooooooooooved last year, only they’ve changed the course “a little” and made it 14 miles instead of ten.  Pretty sure they’ve added more climbing, but I’ve done a little more training this year, so I’m hoping it’s an even match!

UltraIronHubs gets to run it “with me” this year and I’m super excited about that.  I put the with me in quotes because of course he’s going to run his own pace and be done like an hour before me…but we’re going to be at the same race on the same day and that’s awesome.  His plantar fasciitis is all better, thanks for asking.  He’s running really well and getting back to his normal ridiculous speed and training for a 50-miler at the end of this year.  All good stuff, I tell ya.

I don’t have any specific time goals for the race, more of a loose idea that I’d like to not suck.  Not falling would also be good.  I feel pretty confident that these goals are achievable, but you never know.  I’ll be back in a few days to tell you all about it!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck in your race!

I am always looking for new You Tube workouts, thanks for sharing your channel.

ajh said...

"I'd like to not suck." Best race goal ever!

Michael said...

I do online videos all the time. I like a full length I can follow along with personally.

Good luck at your race!

Kate Geisen said...

I'm pretty much about the silly cats on YouTube. :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

I loved your video, great job! I search for ideas. The one I'm using on my leg days is a short 4 exercise circuit you repeat as many times as you can in 15 min. I appreciate the short demo version of exercises so I can do them at the gym. I also like the exercises listed in short form so I don't necessarily have to re-watch videos to nail down the sequence.

Johann said...

I not a very big video or youtube person at all. I very seldom look at online videos. I'm also racing this weekend! Fun! All the best with your race and enjoy!

Lancer!! said...

Nice video, UltraP! I dig the music, too. Good luck on the Cool Moon 14-Mi. :-)

Oh, yes: I do YouTube searches so I can verify the correct form/execution of some exercises I read in Muscle & Fitness, e.g., how to use a Smith-Machine for squats, and the correct foot placement to get the most out of the exercise.

I don't watch many cat videos.