Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triple Ts

Happy Thursday!  It’s my Friday for the work week, so I’m feeling good and bustin’ out some bullet points!

  1. I ran nine miles this morning!  Yes, I know I was just crowing about my eight mile awesomeness on Monday, but this week’s long run had to be moved up a few days.  More on that in Bullet Point Number Two.  Nine miles felt spectacular!  I ran here in town, which means that there was exactly one hill on my route and it doesn’t actually count as a hill because it’s just an overpass.  Lucky me, it’s pretty easy to run nine flat miles.  Talk to me when I do hills again next week for my ten-miler.  I hit marathon pace with no problems and saw a surprising number of other runners (surprising because it was 6 am on a Thursday, not exactly running rush hour).  Pretty soon I’m going to stop mentioning this, but today’s run was my longest run of 2011!
  2. I’m racing this weekend!  It’s “just” a 5K, but I’m pretty excited about it.  I haven’t raced a 5K in a rather long time (March 2010, to be exact).  Crazy, right?  But I PR’d by so much at that race that I frankly don’t see myself beating that time ever again.  And being the kind of girl who is ridiculously competitive with myself, I sort of didn’t want to race any more 5Ks and “lose.”  This one is perfect, though, because it’s a very hilly course, so there’s pretty much no chance of a PR.  There, now the pressure is gone!  I’m going into the race thinking of it as speedwork and hillwork combined, both of which I need to train for the CIM.  My goal is to run strong and push hard.  Time-wise, I’m okay with whatever comes to me.
  3. Blogging has turned me into a person without shame!  This week isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it, but I had to laugh at myself and the state of my blogging life on Tuesday when I picked the winner of the PROBAR giveaway.  I had my blog open in the browser and little slips of paper all over the floor  when Little Boy came home from school.  Without even taking off his backpack, he hustled over and said, “Ooooh, a bloggy giveaway!  Do you need me to take pictures?”  I was unembarrassed as he filmed me chanting eenie, meenie, miney, moe.  I don’t even think twice anymore about snapping selfies in public or posting unflattering pictures of myself on the internet.  In fact, here are a few outtakes from past posts to give you a little giggle on this fabulous Thursday:

Core Work 091Don’t do core work like this.

Sweaty Post Run Pics 001This was the very first selfie I ever took for the blog, way back in June 2010.  I remember feeling terribly self-conscious and hoping IronHubs and the kids wouldn’t wake up while I was taking this photo!

Easter 011Nerd Alert!  I took no fewer than a dozen photos in this silly pose the day I was blogging about bare arms.

Power of Ten Virtual Race 003I have so many headless photos of myself it’s re-donk-ulous!  Selfies are harder than they look.

Adventure Winner 004Some people really shouldn’t wear hats and make that stupid duck face.  And by “some people” I mean me.

What’s the silliest/most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done for your blog??


Julie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL those pictures! I like blogs that show it all - the good the bad the ugly (NOT that you are bad or ugly...) ...but you keep it real. There's nothing worse than a blog that's not REAL.

My silliest picture was probably something along the lines of this one:

track coach and adorable wife said...

Hey, 5ks are good way to go fast and have some fun!

I am the same way about blogging, my fam is always asking if I am snapping a ridiculous photo for the blog! My two best photo posts are probably when we did lunges in Applebees, or when I put my coming out of the water pic on there, tummy roll and all!

Zaneta said...

ha! love those pics!! I've taken quite a few ridiculous pictures of myself that (most) haven't made to my blog... lol... hmm... future post? ;)

Running Ricig said...

I really want to run a 5k soon. I'm thinking of signing up for one that's along with a half marathon next weekend. You may have just convinced me.

Love the pics! Pretty much all of mine are horribly embarrassing :)

Laurie said...

You are so awesome. That is all.

Except good luck this weekend! Enjoy that hilly, no pressure 5K!!

Teamarcia said...

Love the pics! You are a master of the selfie!
Go rock that 5k this weekend! I had a chance to do one the day before the 10-nautical mile race I did last weekend but I've won my AG 3x there and 'just knew' I wouldn't be able to 4peat in my current state. There you go: self defeat. Boo.

Tricia said...

totally cracking up

and yipeee for 9miles

JenWa098 said...

I'm still in the newbie blog mode and too shy to show my "outtakes".

My husband would sometimes offer to take photos for my blog. But I think he had "blog" confused with "porn" and now he doesn't offer any more.

ajh said...

I am not sure what the most embarrassing thing I've done is but I agree I do things for blogging I wouldn't otherwise. When we bike run etc. people know I'm going to take lots of pictures.

Christi said...

You look great in the hat. I love that photo!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's so funny about "being a person without shame" ... Michael and I take pictures all the time of simple crazy stuff - kinda reveals the knuckle heads we really are.

The Jesse said...

good luck at the 5k this weekend!!!

Aimee said...

Ha the pictures!
I hope you have a great 5k this weekend! :)

ratherthecouch said...

That's awesome that your son was excited about your "bloggy giveaway". I seriously LOVE your family! Is that weird?

Congrats on the long run!