Saturday, August 27, 2011

The HIT IV–Photo Spectator Report

IronHubs competed in the TBF Racing Half Iron Triathlon today and, needless to say, completely ROCKED his race!  This was his second half-iron distance race – he did the HIT III last year with similarly spectacular results.  Here’s our day in pictures:

HIT IV 002Pre-race selfie from a strange angle.  I’m covered in sunblock, wearing our family team shirt, got my backpack full of snacks and cowbells, and have IronHubs’ wedding ring around my neck.  He says he’s afraid of losing it in the lake (he lost wedding ring #1 many, many years ago), but I suspect he’s  trying to pick up chicks in his sexy wetsuit.  “Hey, baby, swim here often?”

HIT IV 003Still dark when we left the house.  Don’t let those clouds fool you – it was already 60 degrees and climbing at 6 am.  Gonna be a hot one today!

HIT IV 009Racking his bike approximately five feet from the bike mount line – sa-weet!!

HIT IV 017It was a super small race, under 100 participants.  This was the “mass start.”

HIT IV 035The swim did not go well.  All the pics I took of IronHubs coming out of the water make him look angry and a little bit mean (which he totally is NOT), so here’s a pic in transition.  You can sort of see in the background that – *ahem* – there aren’t very many other bikes still there.  1.2 mile swim = 41:58, T1 = 1:57

HIT IV 042As he was leaving, I thought of all the times a crappy swim has lead me to a killer bike time and hoped IronHubs could harness his frustration and turn it into fuel for the ride.

HIT IV 053Which he totally did!!  His projected bike split was 2:55, but his actual time was 2:44!!!  He was probably something like 50th out of the water, but came in somewhere in the top 20 off the bike – woo hoo!

HIT IV 060T2 was lickety-split, under a minute!  It was in the mid- to high-80s at this point, but IronHubs has been doing lots of heat training this season, which paid off in spades today!

HIT IV 067The half-marathon is a two-loop course, so Big Boy and Little Boy got to give out high-fives at the halfway mark.

HIT IV 071It was hot, but he was smiling at the halfway point, on pace to finish near his A+ goal.

HIT IV 074I know I’ve mentioned it many times before, but this run course is brutal.  Hot, dusty, hilly and unforgiving.  And IronHubs got to run it TWICE.

HIT IV 083My new most favorite picture of IronHubs – the moment he saw the clock at the Finish Line and saw his 16 minute PR – 5:20:30!!!

HIT IV 105You can call him “Mr. Podium.”  4th place AG and 11th place OVERALL!  Oh, yeah, baby!

I’m unbelievably proud of this guy!

Also, a huge congrats to all my Hood to Coast girls – I’m loving all the updates and can’t wait to read complete race reports!!

And be safe out there if you’re getting a visit from Irene this weekend!


Tortuga_Runner said...

Yay IronHubs! Nice PR.

Julie said...

Congrats IronHubs!!!!!!!!!! You Rock!!

Char said...

What a huge PR. Congrats to him. He's a testament to never giving up.

Anne said...

Congrats to IronHubs...fantastic comeback!!!

Alma said...

Way to go Iron Hubs!

Christi said...

Absolutely awesome! Congrats Ironhubs!

Kara said...

That is a killer time for a HIM!! That run looked so dusty and hot, they need to find a course with some shade!

Teamarcia said...

Can I say again how much I love that this is a family affair for all of you? COngrats to IronHUbs! said...

Wow, congrats to your husband! I love reading tri race reports and this one did not disappoint!

Heather said...

Congrats to your hubs that's awesome!

The Jesse said...

Congrats to IronHubs! Awesome PR especially after you said he didn't have a good swim. That run looks brutal!!!

Laurie said...

Big congrats to IronHubs!! Way to rock a stellar race after an iffy start!! P, your comments crack me up, I love the wedding ring/wet suit insight... maybe that's what made the swim take so long... all those single ladies hitting on him?! ;P

ratherthecouch said...

What a remarkable finish considering a suboptimal swim! LOVE the high fives from the boys! And I LOVE that you have a family team shirt!