Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Five-a-rooni

Number 1.  Everything sounds more fun and festive with “a-rooni” attached to it.  It’s a fact, try it.  “What are you doing today?”  “Getting a root canal-a-rooni.”  See?

Number 2.  I’m still recovering from last week’s race (and still eating like I’m training for the half-iron I did in May.  Duh.), as evidenced by the slow, slogging ride I had this morning and the barely one-mile run I managed yesterday.  No matter.  I’m going to spend the rest of this week taking it easy because – insert dramatic and exciting music here *dun-da-da-DUN!!** -

Number 3.  MARATHON TRAINING STARTS MONDAY!!  Yes, I know lots of you are well into the double-digits-and-ice-baths phase of your training already, but my “fall” marathon isn’t until December.  Yes, indeedy, I will be running the California International Marathon again this year.  I’m SO excited!  Much as I enjoy run-cations (and hope to someday take a little trip in April), there is nothing like being able to train on the race course like I can for the CIM.

Number 4.  My marathon training plan is almost complete.  I’m still noodling out which tune-up races I want to do, but the bones are there.  This plan is entirely different than anything I’ve done before, and combines the parts I liked best from previous plans plus a new (for me) approach.  I have more than the usual amount of excitement about getting started with it and I’ll post more details next week about the hows and whys of the plan.

CIM Training Plan 001Double-checking my resources and working on the chicken-scratch version before I put in in the computer, print it out and post it prominently on my refrigerator.

Number 5.  I won, I won, I won!!  This week’s RLAM Hump-Day Giveaway was something I couldn’t resist – food! – and I actually won!  I’ll be getting a box of ProBars and a box of HALO bars, making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  I can’t wait to try them, and I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of ‘em.

HALO-SmoresPretty sure my review is going to go like this:  nom, nom, nom.

Happy Friday – what five things are on YOUR mind today???


Running Ricig said...

those halo bars look AMAZING! I love winning giveaways!

Good luck starting your training. It's nice that by the time you hit big long runs it'll be nice and cool!

JenWa098 said...

I need to learn the ropes on how to win crap on the internet. I see people getting all these free snack bars. Isn't being a total scrounge for food qualify me for SOMETHING? I mean, I would eat lint if it had a candy coating!

Kara said...

I love winning giveaways!

Is the first day of your marathon training a rest day? If not, it should be. That's the best way to start. :)

Laurie said...

Those do look yummy! My five things:

1. Invited my in-laws up for the weekend.
2. Didn't expect them to come, they never do.
3. They're coming.
4. I think my husband is a little disappointed because we had fun "family" plans that didn't involve his parents.
5. I'm in trouble-a-rooni. :)

You're right, it does sound better. :) Have a great weekend!!

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

I saw that you won on the RLAM post. Awesome!!

The Green Girl said...

I'm interested to hear your review of the HALO bar. I tried a couple myself.

runningonwords said...

Good luck with your training! Those bars you won look delicious!

Lancer!! said...

Congrats on the win! I used to snack heavily after shopping when I lived in San Jose. No wonder I got fat. :-/ I did manage to start eating before shopping, though.

Five things:
1. The interview I had this morning;
2. The 10K tomorrow morning;
3. My brother is coming to visit tomorrow for the cousins BBQ;
4. Gotta' clean the bathroom for a change;
5. Gotta' get some sleep tonight, er struggle to stay awake till 8 or 9-ish, so I get enough sleep tonight.

That almost covers it. B-)

ajh said...

You just sound so darn happy and perky.

Five things on my mind today:

It's my birthday
It's my birthday
It's my birthday
its my birthday
It's my birthday a rooni.

Tortuga_Runner said...

The Halo Bar looks delicious! CIM isn't sold out and I am seriously considering again this year given my Nike Women's Marathon set backs.

Lisa said...

Can't wait to follow your training, I'm also training for the CIM.

Julie said...

I don't know about I'm going to paint a roomrooni. Hmm...still sounds more like hard work than fun :D

Have a great weekend, P!

Char said...

Nothing like starting a new training program to get you all inspired. I love seeing all the spaces on the calendar fill with distances and sessions. And I love it more when I start to cross them off.

Colleen said...

I just bought a nom nom nom tee shirt. Would be perfect for your review of the bars! :)

I think adding "a-rooni" definitely makes things more fun. Or maybe it just makes me smile.


The Jesse said...

i'm excited to follow along on your CIM training :)