Monday, August 15, 2011

Day One…

Done!  Oh, how I love the start of a new training plan!!  Ordinarily, this would mean a rest day for me.  Mondays are always rest days, but not this cycle.  I mentioned that I was changing things up this time, so now Monday is a run day.

Training Day 1 018“Easy 2” – done!

Today is also the first day of school for Big Boy, who is starting 8th grade!  I have no idea where the time went, since I’m pretty sure it was just yesterday that I sent him to Kindergarten: 

First Day of SchoolThen and Now

I know the middle of August still seems awfully early to start school, but that’s what we call “traditional” schedule around here.  Little Boy’s elementary school is on a year-round schedule, which started in July!

We spent the weekend squeezing in a little more summer fun, including taking the kayak out on a nearby lake.  Big Boy and Little Boy went out for a solo excursion while I stood nervously happily on the shore:

Funny story:  I was wearing my Vibrams, of course, because they’re perfect for everything, including a day of kayaking.  While I was standing partially in the water, waiting for the boys to come back in, a few fellow kayakers were talking about my shoes as though I wasn’t standing just five feet from them.  “Oh, look at her shoes!”  “Yeah, they look like those Vibram Fives.”  “I’ve heard you can even run in them.”  “Huh.  Crazy!”

How was your weekend??


Kara said...

A Monday being a run day? That is wild and crazy! :)

Aimee said...

Yay for a new training plan and schedule!
My son starts school next week...where did the summer go?

Heather said...

That must have been tough for your little guy going to school while his big brother was still on summer vacation!

runningonwords said...

Ha, I love when people talk about you within hearing distance!

Year round school? Is this a public school or a private school? I've not heard of such a thing in the US, although I know it is really common in Europe.

MCM Mama said...

I always love the comments I get about the Vibrams!

Woohoo for a new training plan! I need to go find one soon.

ajh said...

I always run on Mondays. It is too soon in the week for a rest day. Just doesn't work for me mentally.

Char said...

Oh your big boy was SO cute when he was a little boy.

Running Ricig said...

I love it when people talk about me where I can hear them. I was once at a wedding and there were girls sitting behind me talking about how my hair was pink for like 10 minutes. I thought about turning around and asking them what they REALLY thought, but restrained :)