Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dancing is Totally Cross-Training, Right?

I have a race on Saturday.  Am I prepared?  That would be a big fat no.  It’s the third race in my summer duathlon series, and until recently, I was hoping to set another PR.  Well, not recently recently.  More like way back when I signed up for the series, I envisioned myself building up to a strong, fast finish at the third race.  After last month’s huge PR, though, I pretty much lost my mojo.  I’ve really struggled in my training and can’t seem to find the mental fire that fueled the first two races.

Here’s my list of excuses Reasons I Will Not be Getting a PR:

  • I had to take some time off after the last race to fully recover and not injure myself.  Three weeks of recovery is completely standard for a sprint distance, no?
  • School started for Little Boy, but Big Boy is still on break, so I’m juggling this weird not-summer, not-really-school-year schedule.
  • Celebrating birthdays around my house generally takes about a week, sometimes more.  So I’ve been living in Cupcake City since Little Boy turned 11 back in July.
  • Two weeks ago, my boss asked me to take over teaching the Zumba classes at the health club where I work.  Yeah, about that.  This is what I look like dancing, though I assure you in real life I actually have a head.  Feel free to picture my face with a somewhat pained expression, particularly during the parts where I’m obviously flummoxed by trying to duplicate what the girl on YouTube was doing.  This was the very first time I tried this song, which accounts for me looking all stiff and uncoordinated.  Ha!  Who am I kidding, I always look stiff and uncoordinated when I dance.  Plus I’m usually a little off-beat, which completes my White Girl Dancing trifecta.
The song is “Do You Dig It?”

Honestly, I think the best I can hope for at this point is to run and ride this Saturday with a smile on my face.  And not drown, of course.

Have you ever danced for cross-training??

Did you guys catch my guest post over at Age Groups Rock today??  I felt like a total rock star being on AJH’s blog!


emily said...

Umm you totally look A dancer to me! I have no rhythm whatsoever, unless you count singing along to the radio in my car with the volume turned up so loud so I can't hear myself. At least then I can imagine I have rhythm :) good for you for taking on the class! You're much braver than me!

coach dion said...

dancing is great cross training. back in the early 90's I would dance the night away and that made my legs strong for the longer races.

Now I run races for fun, so I'm always ready for them, so change your answer from a "big fat no" to a YES I can do this... (you don't always need to say: Yes PR on the way.)

Good luck

Char said...

My middle son did his first half marathon last year on a training schedule of very little running and a lot of staying up all night dancing. He left me eating dust!
So yeah, dancing is totally cross training.

Running Ricig said...

Dancing totally counts, as does cleaning. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Teamarcia said...

I vote a big yes for dancing as XT! And you look great doing it!

runningonwords said...

Yeah, that's about 8 millionty times better than any Zumba dancing I could do (thus why I've never been to Zumba). I am kind of tempted to make a video of myself trying to imitate your moves so you can see how much better you are.

ajh said...

In answer to your title- YES!
You are definitely a star on my blog for sure.

I want to know more about your boy's school schedules. I thought they were both year round but maybe not. My state is considering year round and I thought I would hate it but I think I would actually like it. Three weeks off every season - esp. fall would rock for me. They would have to air condition the schools. When you have the time can you let me know more about it.

And I am totally jealous of your Dus no matter how you do but I think you will do great!

JenWa098 said...

I tried a regular aerobic class and wasn't coordinated enough, so Zumba is out of the question! I heard you burn 1000 calories an hour!

Kara said...

You look like a dancer to me :)

Lancer!! said...

Yeah, that looks like some of the zumba moves I saw at the gym a while ago. Keep it up!

ratherthecouch said...

I wish my boss would ask me to teach a Zumba class! That sounds like WAY more fun than engineering...hmmm...probably not going to happen.