Monday, July 4, 2011

Long, Lazy Weekend

Ahhhhhh, there’s nothing in the world like a relaxing “3-out-of-4”-day weekend!  (I had Friday off, but worked Saturday, then had yesterday and today off – not a 4-day weekend, not even really a 3-day weekend, but at least I got 3 out of 4.)  IronHubs’ work schedule was similarly jacked, so we didn’t go away for any holiday fun, but instead have been lazing around the house, filling our time thusly:


Of course I‘m training.  Training takes no holidays.  Friday was a nice brick with excellent speeds and that “Mmmmm, mmmm, good!” feeling at the end (and I was particularly grateful for that because Thursday’s brick suuuuuuuuuuuucked).  Saturday I got up and out the door by 5 am for a 7-mile run before work, knocking out a quicker-than-I-thought-I-might pace.  Yesterday was a gorgeous but warm 38 mile bike ride, and today is going to be a swim if I can wrestle some pool time away from the kids.  This coming week is a mini-taper because I am racing the DU for FUN #2 on Saturday – I can’t wait!


IronHubs and I decided it was time to introduce the kids to the classics, so this weekend we busted out Wargames and The Goonies.  Good times, my friends!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that both movies held up well for being almost – gasp! – thirty years old.  Oh, sure, we had to explain dial-up computer connections to the boys and the fashions were pretty nutty, but the stories were good and there weren’t any cringe-worthy special effects (have you watched Superman lately?  OMG, you can see the wires holding him up in the flying scenes).


It’s been at, near, or over 100 degrees the past few days and I am a complete heat weenie, so we took the boys laser-tagging on Friday afternoon.  Can you believe that I have made it through 41 years in this life without ever laser-tagging???  SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!  It was me and a bunch of tweenage boys and, well, it’s safe to say that I got a “little” competitive.


So far, Big Boy and Little Boy are still cautious around incendiary devices, but I’m sure that’ll change soon.  My childhood 4th of July memories mostly involve my older brother seeing just how long he could hold onto a firecracker before it blew and the time he and his friend “accidentally” threw fireworks onto the neighbor’s roof.  It turned out okay, we had a hose, but seriously, how did any of us survive the 70s??  Today, we’ll aggravate the neighbor’s dogs with our own expensive-but-unexciting (darn those California laws for keeping us safe!) display for a while before we go and watch our local fireworks show.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July!!


runningonwords said...

I love that I can sleep in a little longer before training on long weekends. Although, in this heat, I might have been better off running at 6 AM.

Is it wrong that I'm 25 and I have never seen The Goonies? Your kids are already cooler than me.

Have a good holiday and don't blow up anything too important!

Kristin said...

Oh, I LOVED War Games when I saw it in college (when it was new!). (Apparently I was a freshman, it was released in 1983.) So suspenseful and local (Seattle area). This makes me want to watch 80s movies...remember The Sure Thing? Best. College. Movie. Ever. :)

ajh said...

Where do you live? Oh I wish it was here so I could do another du! We just don't have many.

I was visiting my son a week ago and we watched part of War Games. Funny. I had a hard time figuring out who the actors were. In fact I had to look it up later.

Happy Training.

Char said...

I love The Goonies! I saw it on my honeymoon and then got to watch it years later with my kids.

And as far as holidays and training go - I think holidays were made for training. There's extra recovery time on a holiday!

Julie said...

I introduced the kids to Goonies this year and although it took some convincing to get them to try it out...they, of course, ended up loving it! did we survive the 70s? I remember one year when my grandma just got new carpet and it was so windy outside on the 4th that we were lighting our fireworks inside the house and then carrying them outside.
Obviously this story does not end well.

Alma said...

Nice job training over the holiday weekend. Looking forward to your DU next weekend :)
And the Goonies!! Great pick!
As for fireworks, everything is illegal in Seattle now. It totally sucks. You have to go to a reservation to buy fireworks and hope that you don't get pulled over as soon as you leave. I miss the days of M80's, bottle rockets, and all the fireworks that fly. My poor kid, he won't ever know what he's missing, including that smell of gunpowder.

Johann said...

I love a good long weekend but can say I never miss a workout and rather use the extra time to train more. War Games! I was a computer science student when that was showing so you can imagine the class of geeks. We all went to see it together. I still enjoy it. Your training seems to be going very well. Keep it going!

Teamarcia said...

Your training and your holiday sound like they were great! Yes, how did we survive all those childhood shenanigans? So much crazy stuff with fireworks. Eek!

Colleen said...

Yay for great weekends! I love when I have a particularly good workout (especially when it follows a particularly sucky one!)

Can you believe my hubby has never seen Goonies? I might have to rent it!