Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Stuff

Yay!!  I’ve been tagged by Julie – one of my favorite OBC girls – to play the Q & A game!  So, ask me anything.  Perhaps you’re curious why it took me nine years and four colleges to get a degree I don’t use, or maybe you’d like to know how many tattoos I have.  You might wonder if the toilet paper goes over or under in my house, or if I’ve ever farted in front of my husband.  Nothing is too personal or too irreverent *cough* Kara *cough*.


I will also answer some questions you didn’t even think to ask about what I’ve done with my weekend, mostly because I want to show you that I’m not always sweaty and lacking lipstick.  Last night, I went to a Going Away party for a friend, where I got to put on a pretty dress and drink beer:

Why am I looking the wrong way?  Pssh, that’s the story of my life!

Today, IronHubs and I took the boys spelunking.  Yep, I totally just used my otherwise useless college education in that sentence.  There’s a big ol’ cave (you descend to a depth of sixteen stories!) less than two hours from us and I hadn’t been there since my sixth grade field trip.  Now I can’t figure out why we haven’t gone before - it was awesome, amazing, and so much fun!!

Mercer Cavern Trip 021You can see the steep pitch of the stairs in this photo.  You couldn’t be afraid of heights, depths, or small spaces on this tour – yikes!

This afternoon I made homemade plum jam.  I would not have done this if our neighbor hadn’t come over with a Walmart bag FULL of ripe plums, because frankly, homemade jam isn’t part of my usual repertoire (dang, I’m just full of two dollar words today, aren’t I?)  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever made jam before, but I used to spend my summers canning peaches with my grandma and this wasn’t altogether different.  I used the recipe I found on this website and it went about as well as can be expected for my first jam-making experience.

Jam 001I have no clue if it’s going to actually be edible, but the jars look pretty.

Don’t worry, I did sweaty stuff this weekend, too, but I didn’t take any pictures.  The boys and I went for a bike ride yesterday morning and today I took my dog out for a little 4-mile run.  Along the way, we came up behind a woman who was out for a walk and when we were just a little behind her I said, “Good morning!”  The poor woman let out a yelp and jumped off the sidewalk!  Jeez Louise, she couldn’t hear me breathing or my dog’s jingling collar?  Nope.  She was reading. a. book.  For those of you keeping score at home, this makes two book readers in about the same number of weeks.  WTH?

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, too!


Ask me a question in the comments – ask me, ask me, ask me!!!


Tortuga_Runner said...

Have your read Chris K's responses? H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Ok, guess that is my first question.

What deodorant/antiperspirant do you use? I am looking to switch it up.

Ice cream, Gelato or Fro-Yo?

Book, Book on Tape or Magazine?

Star Wars or Star Trek? Hint, there are only 2 right answers (Star Wars or both)

Char said...

I'll just ask my go-to question. What's your most embarrassing training/racing moment?

milesforbreakfast said...

Reading a book? I just started LISTENING to an audio book when I run, but I could never imagine reading a book while running.... or talking.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Christi said...

What is your degree in?

Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

Teamarcia said...

Wow a pretty dress, spelunking and jam all in one post!

Do you have a marathon on your scehedule?

Kara said...

But personal questions are the most fun! :)

1. Have you ever seen the movie "The Descent"? You should watch that before splunking again.

2. Team Edward or Jacob?

3. Favorite president of all time?

ajh said...

What was she reading?

McDreamy or McSteamy?

Book or Kindle?

Favorite 3 books?

runningonwords said...

What made you decide to become a blogger?

Favorite tv show?

The Jesse said...

LOVE THIS :) :) :)

What is your favorite "fuel" for training/running races?

What is your favorite post long run meal?

I def want to know how many tats you have, if you have any!

Lancer!! said...

Dear P.-

I am training for a half-marathon this December in Las Vegas. I am also going to hike Half-Dome in September with a couple of friends. I was just in Yosemite on Tuesday with family and we walked as far as the Vernal Falls Bridge. We were all breathing pretty heavily.

Question #1: Based on Tuesday's hike, I am thinking maybe stairmaster work will be required as preparation for the Half-Dome hike in two (2) months. Do you agree?

Question #2: Where do I fit in the stairmaster work on my current training plan: The same days as my run days, or on my "rest/xtrain" days?

Question #3: What is your favorite music?

Thanks in advance,

Lancer!! said...

Question #4: Where are your tattoos?


Megan said...

Why do you do run/bike/swim?

Laurie said...

~How do you refrain from eating your post race rewards when they are hanging from your cupboard enticing you every time you enter the kitchen? (I'm still amazed at that.)

~When your running relationship is feeling kind of "bleh" what do you do to spice it up?

~Does being the coolest/cutest mom in the world come naturally or is it something you work hard at? :)