Saturday, June 18, 2011

Checking In!

Yikes!  I’ve been MIA for a week and a half, what happened there??  Oh, that’s right, my kids got out of school and instantly sucked all the free time out of my life.  Things are good, though, and I’ve got a little time to catch up with you guys this afternoon – yay!  Here’s what’s been on my plate lately:

  • IronHubs killed his Olympic distance PR this morning, shaving SIX MINUTES off his previous best and bringing home a little hardware.  Woo hoo!!  I’ll do a more thorough pictorial recap this week.
  • Big Boy is racing his first Super Sprint (400 meters/8 miles/2 miles) tomorrow and I am about to hurl from nerves.  He’s fine, of course, because…well, because he’s Big Boy and he has more self-confidence at 12 than I think I’ve ever had in my life.  Thank goodness for that.  I will have a MOVIE recap of his race sometime this week because all I heard when I was making Little Boy’s movie was, “You’re going to make a movie for my race, too, aren’t you Mom?????”  Yes, Big Boy, I am.
  • Keeping the kids busy with stuff other than video games is really time-consuming!  I’ve been working on a family blog with them which has been lots of fun.
  • Training has been going really, really, REALLY well.  Ri-donk-ulously well, in fact.  Every time I’ve been on my bike the past week and a half, I’ve been writing a post in my head about how great everything is, but when I get home, there’s that whole “lack of free time” thing and I haven’t written it down.  *sigh*

That’s all I’ve got right now – hope everything is going well in your world, too!!  Hopefully, I’ll get to read and comment with you soon!  Smile


tri like mary said...

Congratulations to your husband and good luck to Big Boy!

Alma said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you and that you get to enjoy time with your boys. Congrats to Mr. P for his new PR and best of luck to little Big Boy!!

Char said...

I laughed when I read about you wanting to hurl nervously because of your son's race. It made me remember the time that I went to my son's athletics carnival with a vomit bucket - for me, not him. I can relate!

Julie said...

I totally get it! With the kids home from school, my leisure time is not quite what it was. Who am I kidding? I've had NO leisure time for like the last 6 months...Just busy in a different way. A better way!

Yay on great training days!! Sounds like you and your bike are getting along splendidly...I LIKE!

misszippy said...

Joining you in the time suck this thursday!

So glad training is going well for you--keep that mojo going!

Running Ricig said...

Your family is all so speedy!

Awesome that you're keeping them busy and away from video games :)

ajh said...

Love that you are doing another movie. I'm going to go look at it in a second. And a family blog? You have been busy. I'm going for a ride tomorrow with some friends. I can't wait. Congrats to your hubs.