Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Sprint Season Finale

******Spoiler Alert*******  My sidebar isn’t sporting any changes today.  You would be correct in assuming that I’m a little unhappy about that, but at least there’s a good story behind it.  Here it is:

When I woke up yesterday morning, it was cold.  And cloudy.  And quite windy.  Ugh, this is not optimal race day weather!  I still felt pretty optimistic about the day, though, and I was excited about watching Big Boy and Little Boy compete in their TRI for KIDS event.

podium worthy triathlons 020We’re all ready to rumble! 

The Swim:

I felt strangely confident about the swim going into it.  This was a real small race, so there were only three swim waves and none of them were huge.  The water was much warmer than the outside air and swimming 400 meters sounded like a walk in the park.  The horn blew and we were off!  I positioned myself near the middle of the pack, wanting to stay with other people and swim strong the whole time.  I made it to the first turn buoy and thought, “Well, this isn’t too bad, I’m passing a few people and feeling good.” 

The stretch between the first and second turn buoys seemed long.  Like really, really long.  Longer than my Sprint Distance long.  I was still feeling pretty good, but I worried that I was getting tired and that buoy was still a long way off.   I finally made it around the second buoy and that’s when the wheels fell off.

It was pretty windy yesterday, about 10 – 15 mph winds, so when I was on the home stretch of the swim leg, I was facing an awful headwind.  It was like swimming on a treadmill.  No matter how hard I swam, the shore wasn’t coming any closer.  Waves were chopping over my head and I started to feel panicky.  I took in a lungful of water, then another, then – ACK – another.  I tried treading water or flipping over onto my back but I couldn’t catch my breath without getting a face-full of water.  At this point, I had moved past panic and careened into full blown terror.  “KAYAK!!”

I held on to the kayak for only a few seconds, just long enough to check my watch and go from terrified to completely pissed off.  This was supposed to be my day, dammit, my race of glory and somehow I had already spent 13 minutes in the water?? I was still in the middle of the pack of swimmers!  WTF???  By the time I made it to shore, my watch said 18 minutes and change.  Son of a belch!  (Later in the afternoon, the race director’s Facebook page mentioned that the final turn buoy had drifted significantly off-course because of the wind and current.  So, as it turns out, I swam closer to 600 meters.  But of course I didn’t know that at the time, so in my mind, the whole day had just gone down the tubes.)

Swim Time – 18:12, T1 – 2:02

podium worthy triathlons 134 My face says it all: I am so disappointed in my swim!  Please note, however, that I have passed a girl who was five minutes ahead of me in the previous wave (in the red cap).

The Bike:

The bike leg is traditionally my favorite of the three.  I’m (usually) happy to be out of the water, but I’m not really tired yet, so I feel strong on the bike.  Yesterday on the bike I was just MAD!  I couldn’t shake off the bad swim.  I’m usually sort of chatty on the bike, but yesterday I was just hollering, “LEFT!” as I whizzed past people.

The wind was a real factor on this leg, too.  On one downhill with a nice tailwind, my cycle computer said I was going almost 28 mph – woo hoo!  But, of course, coming back it was uphill and a headwind, so I was lucky to crank out 13 mph.  My anger fueled a pretty aggressive ride – I passed anyone I could catch and nobody passed me.

I had decided not to wear my Garmin for this race, my thinking being that I didn’t want to take the time to put it on in T1 or switch to run mode in T2.  On the bike, not knowing my speed was probably a good thing.  I felt so strong and so speedy, but when I got home and did the math, my average speed was only 17.2 mph.  Blech!  Stupid wind!

Bike Time – 27:52, T2 – 1:15

podium worthy triathlons 154Leaving T1, ready to ride:  I’m smiling on the outside, crying on the inside.

The Run:

Coming out of T2 and onto the run course, I made the mistake of looking at my watch again.  Almost 50 minutes, about the time I had been hoping to be past the one mile turnaround.  Aaaargh!  The “good” news is that, rather than feeling discouraged, it made me even more angry, which made me run faster!  I tore up the run course.  All I wanted in the world was to be done with this stupid race and see how bad the damage was to my finish time.

Without my Garmin, I had no idea if I was running fast or slow, but I did notice that I was still passing a lot of people.  Because it’s an out and back course, you can see all the people who are ahead of you, so I was keeping sort of a mental list:  “Younger than me…maybe my age…younger…can’t tell…older…younger…”  The people whose calves I could see were all in their 30s or 50s.  I feared that I was in dead last for my age group and there was going to be a group of 40 – 49 year old women at the finish line, pointing and laughing at me.

Run Time – 16:11 (an 8:05 pace, FINALLY something to be happy about!), Finish Time – 1:05:36

podium worthy triathlons 190 Sprinting to the Finish Line, I could NOT catch this guy, who was 66 and ended up winning his age group.

After I crossed the finish line, I tried to accept the congratulations from my family, but honestly, I just wanted to kick something.  I was so utterly disappointed in how things had turned out.  I cleaned up my transition area and got a free post-race massage (I’ve never done that before, but there was no waiting in line, so I took advantage.  It was a pretty nice perk).  We waited around for the results because I wanted to know my official time – my watch differed from The Hubs’ time by almost two minutes.

By the time the results were posted, the awards ceremony had begun, so we stuck around a little while for that.  They announced the third place winner for my age group and I turned to leave, because I knew I wasn’t going to do any better than that.  So, you can imagine my complete shock when they got to FIRST PLACE and announced my name!!  In fact, despite the family-friendly venue, I think I blurted out, “HOLY SH*T!!”  Yeah, I’m a real class act, huh?

podium worthy triathlons 209 This proves to me that sometimes you can get on the podium just because everybody else had a crappier day than you.

I have never won anything, EVER.  My finest and speediest performances have netted me plenty of 4th Places (or lower!), but I have never been called to the podium.  So I checked the official results online today, just in case they realized later that they had made a mistake, but there I am:  79/211 Overall and 1/21 in my Age Group.  Sorta takes the sting out of missing a PR, now, doesn’t it???

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spectator Report – TRI for KIDS

podium worthy triathlons 019How can you tell it’s the weekend?  Because we’re racing, of course!

podium worthy triathlons 004








Swim cap and goggles are on, so the sweatshirt comes off.  Brrrrrrrrr!  It was really chilly this morning.


podium worthy triathlons 005








Google Images? No.  Goggle images.




podium worthy triathlons 035The hard part is done, let’s get on the bike!

podium worthy triathlons 010 Here comes Little Boy!

podium worthy triathlons 012Coming in for a strong finish with a smile on his face! 

podium worthy triathlons 077 Little Boy rocked his bike leg, and was actually faster than his big brother for this part of the race!

podium worthy triathlons 067 Run hard Big Boy!!  His mile came in under 8 minutes.

podium worthy triathlons 088Heading out for a quick 1-miler.

podium worthy triathlons 017All done!!  Getting a hug from their proud Mimi (my mom).

podium worthy triathlons 165HARDWARE!!  One of the (many) things I love about this TRI series is that they give out awards 5-deep in one-year age groups.

podium worthy triathlons 172A podium finish for both boys – hooray!!  I see a summer full of triathlon next year, how about you???

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changing Plans

So, here’s the problem with adding a race to your summer schedule at the last minute:  sometimes it doesn’t really work into your plans.  But the good news, in this case, is that I get to race something even better!

This coming weekend, I was planning to compete in the LUNA Bar Sprint Distance Tri on Sunday.  Big Boy and Little Boy are competing in another Tri 4 Kids event on Saturday, which would make it a pretty full weekend.  I’ve been entertaining a few nagging doubts about my race, including the fact that I would be skipping the 16-miler on my marathon plan.  Add in the boys’ weekend homework projects and The Hubs’ planned 60-mile bike ride and I was feeling some serious guilt about racing on Sunday.

A quick check on the race director’s website revealed a Super Sprint Distance Tri (half the distance of the Sprint:  400 meters/8 miles/2 miles) on Saturday morning, just an hour after the kids’ event at the same venue.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

“But P,” you may be thinking, “Why would you throw away your hard-earned tri fitness on a Super Sprint Distance?”  Well, bloggy friends, to answer that question, let’s take a little trip in the Way Back Machine.


Picture this:  It’s the summer of 2008 and I have had an injury-plagued spring season, including a severely sprained ankle and a stress fracture in my shin bone.  I haven’t run since May and it’s now mid-September.  To cope with the lack of running, I’ve been riding my $30 Pacifica mountain bike, affectionately named Ol’ Bessie (who, by the way, weighed a whopping 39 pounds!) and splashing around a little in the pool.

The Hubs’ work friends have talked him into competing in his first Super Sprint Tri (2nd place AG, 8th place OA) and he, in turn, has convinced me that I should give it a go.  I bought a slightly nicer bike (Shirley, my Fuji Finest) and a tri suit, and as soon as the doctor said I could run, I started working my way back up to two miles.

Race day dawned and there I was with barely three weeks of training, ready to have at it.  More or less.  I wasn’t even waist-deep in the water before I started having a full-blown tears and hyperventilating panic attack.  I doggy-paddled, I asked a kayaker for assistance, I back-stroked and I cried almost the entire time I was in the water.  Twelve long, painful minutes later I finished the 400 meter swim and was ready to wobble away on two wheels.

The bike leg wasn’t awful, but it also wasn’t fast.  There were really only two or three gears I felt comfortable in, I rode my brakes on all the downhills and I didn’t know how to get out of the saddle to climb the uphills.  The 8-mile course took a little over 30 minutes to complete.

The run was hot and hilly and I wasn’t in running shape, what with the three months I took off due to injury.  I walked a few times and felt pretty discouraged for most of it, but two miles and twenty-plus minutes later, I crossed my first triathlon finish line in 1:04:07.


The thing is, it all comes down to this: I have something to prove at the Super Sprint Distance.  I want to wipe that 1:04:07 off my sidebar.  I need to chase down the ghost of this race and kick its ass.  I have pretty big aspirations for next year’s tri season, but before I move on to bigger and better things, I need to take care of this little piece of business.

See you at the Finish Line!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mama Goes Masters Virtual Race Report

Today was the big day – the Mama Goes Masters 4.0 Mile Virtual Race!  I’ve been anticipating this race for several weeks now, so I was definitely feeling the nerves when I woke up.  I drank my coffee, checked my email and headed out to the starting line…in front of my house.

MCM Mama Virtual Race 003  Note to self:  take pictures like this more often.  Trust me, I don’t look this “buxom” from any other angle!  My outfit from toes to head:  Newtons (of course), orange RunningSkirt, “chesty” tank top, reflective belt, and sparkly orange headband.

MCM Mama Virtual Race 001



What was up with the start time of this race???  I’ll have to talk to the race director about that!


MCM Mama Virtual Race 006  I’ve got my bib number on and I’m ready to rock and roll.  The great thing about small races like this one is that you can start way up front.  I sized up the competition and, frankly, there was NONE.

MCM Mama Virtual Race 007  This race was in a part of town I really enjoy – right near my house!  The sun coming up over the creek was so pretty this morning, I had to stop and take a pic.

Right off of the starting mats, I felt strong and thought I had a real chance of placing in my AG for this race.  Usually, I’m the Queen of 4th Place, but this morning seemed different.  Within the first mile, I started pulling away from the competition and just let my legs fly!

Mile 1 was dark and virtually traffic-free - 7:48 pace.

Mile 2 got a little breezy, but nothing too bad.  I started seeing some cars on their way to work - 7:42 pace.

Mile 3 was a long stretch on a road I usually avoid because there is no bike lane - 7:45 pace.

Mile 4 was the final push and I still felt strong, so I really opened it up - 7:37 pace.

Here’s a video of me sprinting to the Finish Line (with a really freaky still shot displayed – can that be changed?):

Wooooooo hoooooooo!!  Even though it was a guaranteed PR (because I’ve never raced this distance before), I was super happy with my time!

MCM Mama Virtual Race 010Dammit, the course measured long!  I guess I’ll have a little chat with the race director about that, too.

Many thanks to MCM Mama for hosting such a great race – the packet pickup was the smoothest I’ve ever seen, there were no lines at the porta-potties, the aid stations were fully stocked, the volunteers were friendly, and there was an awesome post-race breakfast!

Happy Birthday Sign

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hillacious, Bodacious and Review-acious?

Today’s run was a 14-miler on the gorgeous nearby bike trail.  I was both excited – because I enjoy long runs – and nervous – because this route is HILLY, and I haven’t run 14 miles since early spring.  I have done any very much hill work recently, so I had a feeling today was going to be a real challenge.

So, what to do in the face of a challenge?  Put on a cute outfit, of course!  Today’s hills definitely called for piggy-tails, my bright yellow tank top, a running skirt and compression socks with Newtons.  Once I was lookin’ good, I was ready to run. :-)

I started at the bottom of the hill and worked my way up.  Here’s the elevation readout from my Garmin:

Elevation Chart

Where I live, the closest thing I have to “hills” are the highway overpasses, so even this modest elevation gain was a real booty-kicker!

Since the mileage only goes up on the training plan from here, I figured this week was a good time to start working on my fueling strategy.  Today was my maiden voyage with the Nathan Proton hydration backpack and I think I’m in love.  I have a Nathan handheld and a Nathan waistpack, but the backpack is – by far – my favorite of the three.  It was very light and didn’t get in my way at all.  It didn’t bounce.  There was no chafing and it was very easy to drink from (um, once I figured out the bite valve, which I’ve never used before).  Yes, it sloshed and yes, my back got sweaty.  But my back was going to get sweaty anyways on a 14-miler and the sloshing seemed like a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience.

I went with the same Gatorade/Perpetuem mix I’ve used a few times now and I really think it’s going to work for me over the whole 26.2.  The miles really flew by today and I had plenty of energy.  I did have to walk a little on some of the longer hills, but that was terrain-related, not fatigue-related.

Also getting two thumbs-up today was my RunningSkirts compression socks.  This was my third long run in them and they rock!  They have the exact right amount of padding on the foot (almost none – I don’t like padded socks), and a perfect amount of compressy-ness (that’s a scientific term, look it up) in the legs.  I was still a little tired and sore after my run, of course, but my legs felt really fresh while I was running.

Today was just a really great run overall.  It was cool and cloudy when I got started and even when the sun came out it was never too hot.  There was plenty of people-watching to be done on the trail (my favorite game is “name that race t-shirt”) and I got lots of smiles and “Good morning”s today (maybe I should wear a skirt more often!)  Final stats:  14.07 miles @ 8:41 pace.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, too – happy training, racing and spectating!  I can’t wait to read all the race reports!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Yes, Virginia, There is a Speed Fairy…

…and his real name is Bicycling Aerodynamics.”

I took Mr. Bike out for a little 10+ mile spin today and spent the entire ride on my aero bars (well, except for the bajillion red lights I had to stop for and turning corners, of course).  Holy moly, it was awesome!  This is what I usually look like on my bike:


And here’s what I looked like today:

Bike with Flames

I Googled bicycle aerodynamics so I could learn all about it, but every page was like “blah blah blah science-y stuff blah blah".”  Let me summarize all that in my own words:  Bend over = go fast.  Final stats today:  10.81 miles @ 18.4 mph, which I think is my fastest ride ever. 

I’d like to compare this ride with other rides by speed or by distance, but I use Garmin Training Center and as far as I can tell, there’s no “Sort By” function.  The Voomaxer app on Facebook doesn’t really sort, either. How do you store your workout stats?  Do you ever go back and compare with your current fitness level??

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chipping Away at it…

I swam 1200 meters today and it took me 30 minutes and 9 seconds, a 2:30/100 pace.  Do you know anybody else in the world who swims this slow???  Neither do I.  Okay, maybe there are people in the world who swim this slow, but as far as I can tell, nobody else is admitting it on their blogs.  It’s embarrassing, to be honest.

I am so not a swimmer.  I took maybe one summer of lessons as a kid (and hated it).  We built a pool in our backyard and I rarely used it.  At the beginning of this summer, the farthest I had ever swum at one time was about 600 meters.  At my very first tri in 2008, it took me 12 minutes to get out of the water for a 400 meter swim.  The very first time I made it all the way to 1200 meters, it took me 35:40 - oh, yeah, baby, that’s a smokin’ 2:58/100 pace!

Okay, so, objectively, I am making progress.  It’s just *ahem* slow progress.  Yes, I totally get that good things come to those who wait, the tortoise beats the hare, and even that practice makes perfect.  What.  Ever.  I have never been accused of being a patient person and I want to be a faster swimmer NOW!

I know what you’re thinking,  “It takes hard work to get better.”  Believe me, I totally get that.  It took me nine long months to lose 30 pounds.  It was well over a year of riding before I could consistently average over 16 mph on my bike and it’s taken me four years of regular running to crack 8 minute miles.  There’s no such thing as a Speed Fairy, magically bestowing her gifts on me.  Bummer.

My secret weapon in this War On Slowness is that I’m persistent.  Some (like The Hubs, just for a totally hypothetical example…) might even call me stubborn.  So, I’ll get there.  Someday.  It just might take me awhile…

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Spectator Report – The Hubs’ Oly!

Folsom TRI 006 I love the early morning sights on race days!

Folsom TRI 009 Of course we arrived early to get his pick of the bike racks.  It was still dark but already pretty busy in the transition area.

Folsom TRI 010 Not only did every single spot on the racks fill up, but some people had to lean their bikes against trees and the fencing!

Folsom TRI 014 Body marking (and, yeah, this is what wearing Newtons can do for your calves!)

Folsom TRI 019 It looks like he just smacked the guy next to him, doesn’t it?  This was a deep-water start, so they were treading water.

Folsom TRI 029







Outta the water!  Not his best time, but he’s nice and relaxed for a kick-ass bike and run.

1500 meter swim:  31:01

T1:  2:31


Folsom TRI 037Let’s get this party started!  40K bike:  1:09:05, T2:  1:06

Little Boy got to use our older camera to take pics and video today and he did a really good job!

Folsom TRI 085




Of course, that means there are about 57 pictures like this, too.

Folsom TRI 048 Heading out for a leisurely stroll.  10K run:  40:40

Folsom TRI 089Almost at the finish line!!  (photo credit:  Little Boy)

Folsom TRI 053 Wooooo Hoooo!  The whole family is so proud!!  Finish:  2:24:26 (a PR by 3 minutes!), 13th AG, 78th OA

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stacking Bricks

Not to be confused with laying pipe…  ;P

This morning’s workout was the most awesomest thing ever!  Rather than doing a straight brick of bike miles and run miles, I broke it into smaller bricks and did them back to back to back.  Here’s what I mean:  I biked 8 miles, then I ran 2 miles, then I biked 8 more miles and ran 2 more miles, then I rode 8 MORE miles and ran a final 2 miles.  It was such a great way to get through the distance!

Some highlights:

  • This workout was super easy mentally because each section was such a short distance.  I kept my mind focused on only the portion I was currently doing rather than the total (which would have been daunting in a regular brick).
  • I was wearing the exact right clothing (Moving Comfort tank top, Terry bike skirt, and MoeBen sleeves for the first round on the bike because it was a little chilly).  Not too hot, not too cold and no chafing = workout bliss.
  • My legs are now TOAST – in that warm, buttery, delicious way that you get from working really hard.  I will be rocking the compression tights all day today.
  • I have literally never finished a run and hopped on my bike – it was a blast!  I loved stretching my legs out and flying on the bike after running.
  • I put on my iPod for the last run and rocked out to my latest guilty pleasure:  Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You.”  What can I say?  I was a teenager in the 80s and have loved boys in makeup since Adam and the Ants.
  • I put some Perpetuem in my Gatorade and felt full of energy for the whole ~2.5 hour workout – yay! – and as a bonus my stomach felt fine the whole time, too.  I have more than my share of GI issues during long runs, so this is encouraging information as I head into marathon mileage.
  • I spent well over half of my bike time in a full tuck!  This is a huge accomplishment for me – the aero bars are still a little intimidating, but the more I practice on them, the easier they get (feel free to roll your eyes and say, “duh.”  I know.)

Some “learning experiences”:

  • My bike speeds were S L O W – ugh!  Pedaling from aero position requires the use of previously ignored muscles.
  • Since this was the first time I’d done stacking bricks, I started out conservatively on the bike…and then apparently stayed there.  Now I know I can push it a little harder and still have something for the runs.
  • Even though I started early (ha, ha!  Not 3:30 early, just a normal early, like 6 o’clock), by the time I made my third loop on the bike, there was lots of traffic and lots of red lights.  I got plenty of unclipping experience today, for sure!  This probably also contributed to my low average bike speeds.
  • It was cool and breezy this morning so I never felt very sweaty.  I still thought I was drinking plenty of fluid, but my post-workout weigh-in showed a number I haven’t seen since 8th grade – oops!  I’m drinking water now, don’t worry.

Break it down:

Bike 7.73 miles @

17.0 mph

Run 2.06 miles @

8:10 pace

Bike 7.74 miles @

17.1 mph

Run 2.06 miles @

8:11 pace

Bike 7.99 miles @

16.6 mph (OUCH!)

Run 2.06 miles @

7:46 pace (Holy smokes!)

TOTAL BIKE:  23.46 miles @

16.9 mph

TOTAL RUN:  6.18 miles @

8:02 pace

I think it’s safe to say that I am thrilled with these numbers.  The average run pace is faster than my 10K PR!  This is definitely a workout format I’ll use again in the future.  Do you have a favorite workout, one that makes you feel like a rock star??

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3:30 am Thursday

It’s true, I was up and running in the 3 o’clock hour again this morning.  My training plan is so completely jacked right now from all the unforeseen circumstances - my hours at work, The Hubs’ training and racing plans, unscheduled travel, etc. – that I’m not even sure if today was supposed to be a run day.  Oh, well, I needed to run, so that made it a run day.

Today was looking pretty busy from one end to the other, including a work shift that started at 5 am, so the only place to fit in a run was at the butt-crack of dawn.  No, actually, it was earlier than that; I think I can safely refer to it as The Middle of the Night.

3 am Thursday 001  





Not so wide-awake, but ready to go.  I look a little “crazed” to be heading out the door at 3:30, huh?  I’m wearing my 26.2 Sweaty Band to remind me of why I’m getting my butt out the door.

3 am Thursday 003






I wore extra “reflecty” gear this morning to make sure all four drivers on the road saw me:  Army issue reflective belt, bright neon green shirt and orange RunningSkirt with the cute reflective logo.

I’m going to spend some time this weekend on my training plan, updating it to include my next tri (I need more bricks!), and maneuvering it around my work/volunteer/mom schedule.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining (even though I am totally complaining), but “fitting in” my workouts sucks.  I don’t like exercising after work.  Running used to be the first item on my To Do list every day and now it feels like it’s getting lost in the shuffle.

But enough with the Pity Party.  I ran, and it was good.  Today was an Easy 2-Miler at a relaxed 8:10 pace.  I saw exactly seven cars while I was out and, wouldn’t you know it, one of them wanted to make a right-hand turn directly in front of me!  Ha, ha!

When do you fit in workouts if you’re running short on time??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Windows of Opportunity

I am a planner, a control freak and pretty much an altogether un-spontaneous sort of girl most of the time.  But lately, circumstances are conspiring against my well-laid plans.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, I’m sure it’s good for me to jump right through when a window of opportunity opens up.

WoO #1:  The Hubs’ weekend training schedule has officially reached “insane” levels, so I decided to re-arrange my long runs to other days.  I don’t like leaving the kids alone for too long and I feel Mom Guilt about both of us training so hard and ignoring them.  This week that meant I ran 10 miles bright and early on a Monday morning.  Even after a weekend of celebratory eating, I cranked out a spectacular 8:08 pace.  Where did that speed come from?  I have no clue, but I’m not complaining.  Next week’s long run will likely be on Monday as well, and then after that it’ll depend on what my work schedule looks like.  I guess I’ll run when the WoO opens.

WoO #2:  Just this morning, The Hubs decided to race an Olympic distance tri this weekend.  It’s the right time in his plan to do a tune-up race and his schedule called for a swim, bike and run this weekend near Oly distances.  It was a total WoO to jump into a race, but can I tell you how professionally jealous I am about this?  He’s at a level of fitness and training right now where he can just randomly say, “Hey, I’m gonna do an Oly this weekend.  For fun.”  Must be nice (she grumbles in a totally loving and supportive way).

WoO #3:  Oh, yeah, speaking of last minute racing additions, I’ve added another race to my schedule later this month!  I have the tri bug so bad right now and just enough wiggle room in my marathon training schedule that I had to go for it.  I don’t want all this tri-fitness to go to waste, right?  This Sprint distance is the same swim (.5 mile), but a slightly longer bike (20 miles) and a slightly longer run (4 miles) – just the challenge I didn’t even know I was looking for!

WoO #4:  This one is actually about how easy it is for a WoO to slam shut in your face.  I worked a mid-morning shift today, which meant I didn’t have enough time to swim before I went to work, but by the time I got home I was hungry for lunch.  What to do, swim or eat?  I chose the “swim” option because if I ate first, it would be another hour before I got in the pool and there were other things I needed to do this afternoon…blah, blah, blah.  WRONG choice!  I don’t even think you could call today’s swim mediocre, it was so bad.  I had no form, no focus and barely enough energy to finish the distance (1000 meters).  I need to take advantage of that tiny WoO and eat a snack on my way home from work to fuel a pre-lunch workout.  Lesson learned.

What windows of opportunity have opened up for you lately?  Did you take advantage of them or let ‘em slip by?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TRI for KIDS Photo Spectator Report

Kids' TRI 003 A gorgeous start to a fantastic day, for sure! 

Kids' TRI 103  We arrived early and had our pick of the bike racks.  Later, they were completely full.

Kids' TRI 112        Body Marking.  I seriously love the smell of those pens!

Kids' TRI 115 Ready to rock ‘n roll!

Kids' TRI 027 Big Boy’s swim start – yeah, he took a foot in the face and more than one elbow in the ribs!

Kids' TRI 041    Bounding outta the water!

Kids' TRI 123     This was the biggest field of competitors they’ve ever had and most of them were in the 10- and Under category.  That’s Little Boy just left of center in the red goggles.

Kids' TRI 052       Big Boy heading out on the bike – he’s checking his gearing.

Kids' TRI 126 There goes Little Boy on the bike –I have no idea what that expression was for!

Kids' TRI 077Big Boy loves to run.  He had a rough swim and he was a little disappointed in his bike leg, too, but he kicked booty on the run!

Kids' TRI 135 Little Boy sprinted through the Finish Line and made the whole thing look EASY!

Kids' TRI 099 “Mom, this was the hardest thing we’ve ever done!  When can we do another one???”