Monday, December 6, 2010

Of Course I Have More to Say About the Marathon

But you saw that coming, didn’t you?  I sure do love me a bulleted list, so here it is:

  • I didn’t mention the CIM before I ran it because I really couldn’t face posting about it if things didn’t go well.  I knew you would all say super nice, supportive and sympathetic things because you ROCK, but I didn’t want to have to type up another race report that included miles of walking, crying and feeling defeated – UGH!
  • In fact, I told myself that if the CIM didn’t go well, I was never going to run another marathon again.  No pressure there, huh?  Check out the subtitle of my training plan.

CIM Training Schedule 001

  • It’s true – I really am a smiley faces and exclamation points sort of girl!  Smile
  • While I was in the hotel lobby waiting for the bus to the Start, a friendly-looking man sat down next to me.  We said “Good morning” to each other and that was all.  We walked out to the busses at the same time and chatted very briefly in the line.  He ended up sitting next to me on the bus because – in his words – he knew I wouldn’t talk his ear off!  Ha, ha!  We talked almost the whole bus ride.
  • I made friends with the girls in front of me at the port-o-potty lines, too.
  • Not wearing my iPod for this race was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I LOVED listening to all of the different sounds of race day and thankfully never ran near a groaner.
  • One woman answered her phone during the race and it was a wrong number!
  • I admit it, I used my phone briefly during the race, too.  I called IronHubs when I made it to Mile 21 because I was sort of afraid he wouldn’t even be looking for me yet at the Finish Line when I got there.
  • One girl who was wearing a tutu missed about half of the spectator’s compliments because she was wearing an iPod.  Bummer for her.  I heard ALL of the people (and there were a lot!) who complimented my skirt.
  • A guy who was running just about my pace had a huge support team that leapfrogged down the course to cheer for him.  They were hollering and blowing horns – it was awesome!  No matter that they weren’t cheering for me, I still soaked up their energy.
  • I love running a race I’ve done before.  Knowing what was coming and what to look forward to definitely helped my “mental game.”
  • I had a hard time watching people struggle on the course.  I’ve been that girl and I know exactly how much it sucks. 
  • When I got to the bridge at Mile 22, the guy right in front of me slowed down to walk.  I shouted at him, “This is the last hill, you can do it!”  He replied, “Really?  The last one?” and picked it back up to a run.  He thanked me when we got to the top.  Good thing I wasn’t lying about it being the last hill!
  • I’m pretty sure the CIM has the best spectator support of any race I’ve done.  Sure, there were some people who were only cheering for their runner and there were some stretches with no spectators at all, but most of the people I saw on the course were loud and energetic.  What a difference that makes!
  • My favorite spectator comment came about Mile 23 from a guy who shouted at me, “You’re in First Place in the argyle skirt division!!”  Woo hoo!
  • I saw a spectator wearing a green sweatshirt with a big yellow “O” on it, so I hollered “Go DUCKS!” at him.  I knew Laurie would be proud of me for that!
  • I passed more people in the last three miles than I did the rest of the race, just because I was still running.
  • Somewhere around Mile 24 I saw a girl ahead of me wearing a checkered skirt.  It wasn’t exactly like mine, but it was similar.  All I could think was that if she came into the finish area ahead of me, my kids would get all excited like, “Here comes Mom!” and then be disappointed when it wasn’t me.  I focused everything I had on reeling her in.  I NEEDED to pass her because I simply couldn’t bear letting my kids down.  It seemed to take forever, but it was probably only about a half a mile or so, but I caught her!  First Place in the “Here comes Mom” division! 
  • When I got into the “big miles” I was really digging deep to keep running, but at the same time I felt completely elated that I was still running.  I had a huge smile on my face and heard so many surprised comments from the spectators – “Wow!  You look great, keep it up!”  The more they cheered, the more I smiled, and the more I smiled, the more they cheered.  It was awesome!
  • I am so sore today it is unreal.  Anything that requires me to sit, stand or bend in any manner is accompanied by grunting and a muttered, “mthrfckr!”
  • The celebratory pie is long gone, as is everything else in my house that was even remotely edible.
  • You better believe I am running this race again next year!


Laura said...

Your positive energy is so ALIVE in this post. I'm so happy for you! (Also - third to last bullet...hahaha!)

Char said...

You LOVED it, didn't you. I love this post.

Teamarcia said...

I am still smiling ear to ear for you girl!
Hmmm CIM 2011? I do have that argyle skirt...

Christi said...

Wow, just congratulations on a great race again! The sights and sounds you describe just continues to fuel the small desire that I have to race this race!

Michelle said...

congrats! great little recap

Tortuga_Runner said...

I'm with Christi, is registration for 2011 open yet?

Caratunk Girl said...

Love the recap! Congrats on a great race!! Love your energy.

Rae said...

I am so happy for you! You had a fabulous race and a great time. I'm glad you really enjoyed it!

Colleen said...

This is an awesome post - makes us realize how great of a race this was for you! :) Congrats!

Aimee said...

O-kay, I just have to say that I LOVED this post! I'm so happy for you that you had an awesome race! Yay!!!

DRog said...

hey way not to put pressure on yourself!! haha
I like your thinking
and you pulled it off....while helping a guy in the process on that "last hill"

good job


ajh said...

I love your list of thoughts about the race! Your happiness shines through your comments! Glad you did so well. Love that you worked hard to not disappoint your kids. It is true about soaking up the energy of all spectators. i followed a guy in a pink tutu once and everyone talked to him. Plus my family always knew when I was coming.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You’re in First Place in the argyle skirt division!! Funny!

Congrats on a race run well!

Chris K said...

Cool insights. I like bullets....short and to the point. I have always wanted to do CIM...heard only good things. And, my Mom lives in Folsom.

The Green Girl said...

That checkered skirt comment made me laugh so hard! Congratulations on the redemption, girl!