Monday, August 2, 2010

Off Track

This past week, I’ve been completely off-schedule, off track and just plain “off” with all of my training.  (and, really, my whole life, but that’s not the point of this blog!)

Last Friday, I drove with my mom, my sister and my kids to Arizona for my cousin’s funeral.  28 total hours of driving in a 72 hour period is not my idea of a relaxing weekend.  We had a really good time, though, seeing lots of family and remembering good times.

In total, last week I swam once, biked once and ran once.  I also managed to spend a whopping FOUR DAYS doing absolutely nothing (except driving, which hardly counts as exercise, especially when you factor in how much snacking I did while in the car).  Between the eating and the inactivity, I feel completely slug-like, as though I’ve never trained in my life.  Yikes!

Oh, and did I mention that my next tri is in four days???  I guess I’m kissing that PR buh-bye.  In fact, I’m sort of questioning if I should even race.  My competitive side says don’t do it if I can’t be my best (which I am clearly not right now).  My “I love to race” side says I should just go and enjoy the day and put it down in the books as a learning experience.

I went for a short bike ride this morning and cranked out a pretty decent pace (18.1 miles per hour).  I’ve made a real effort today to get back to my “training diet” and I’m planning to make up last week’s long run tomorrow morning.  I sort of doubt that I can turn the tide from “sloth” to “badass” in less than a week, but I have to start somewhere.

Have you ever not “raced” a race?  Was it fun and relaxing, or did it leave you feeling sort of defeated that you didn’t do your best?


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I think you should definitely do the race! I love racing too, but sometimes it's a nice change to just do a race for the fun of it without the pressure of getting a PR.

Char said...

I have 'not raced a race' only about a month ago. It was an interesting experience and not at all unpleasant. I set myself goals for two races - the first was to stay comfortable for the whole race and the race on the next day I wanted to negative split and to wipe out the memories of a miserable half marathon last year.

Teamarcia said...

I've only 'not raced' a few times, one being the RnR 1/2 last weekend.
It wasn't fun because it was so hot. But I would have been more unhappy if I did not do it at all.
Take care--you'll be back on track soon!

ajh said...

It's hard to not race and I don't really pull it off. Although I did "not race" my race in CO this summer. That was fine. I took pictures and just enjoyed the experience. There was no way I had the legs to race it after hiking up Pikes Peak and other activities!

Johann said...

I “not race” races all the time! I enjoy it more than racing because I really do it to enjoy the experience. I definitely recommend it. You might be surprised at how good the rest was for you. I say you’ll do really well on the day.

Julie said...

I have been "not racing" for the last few races of mine. It is actually kind of nice because I feel so relaxed when running. No pressure, no worries.. just enjoy yourself if you can:) I can understand how it would be difficult for you if you are used to busting butt:) Good luck!

Take care of yourself!

MCM Mama said...

Go, try to enjoy yourself. I've "not raced" a couple of times. I don't mind it in general, but I really enjoy it when I can run with a friend who normally runs a slower pace and help them go strong to the finish.