Friday, July 23, 2010

You Know You’re a Triathlete When…

  • You can convert miles to Kilometers in your head
  • You’ve ever had “bike envy”
  • The training plan calls for a bike only day and you feel really strange not running afterward
  • You can name all the flavors of GU Chomps and you have a favorite
  • You play “Spot the Triathlete” in public by looking for men with shaved legs
  • Men who don’t shave their legs look freakishly hairy to you
  • You use more acronyms than the military:  RPE, PR, SRD, OWS, etc.
  • You struggled through high school math, but you can easily add splits and transition times in your head to figure out what paces you need to make your goal time
  • You know at a glance what shoes your competitor is wearing and how much they cost; likewise with her bike and wetsuit
  • You have no problem wearing compression socks out in public
  • When you grow up, you want to be Chrissie Wellington

Happy Friday


Happy Racing this weekend!


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Ha it! :)

Alma F. said...

And this is what distinguishes you from just runners...

It's acceptable to use Body Glide around your neck, wrists, and ankles to facilitate doffing that wetsuit!

Have a great weekend!

Char said...

You have a very specific genius for triathlete mathematics. Do you ever have trouble doing the math when you're oxygen deprived?! (I do)

LMC said...

I've never thought about men shaving their legs for triathlons, so I am definitely not a triathlete. Well, that, and I can't swim either! :) Great list! Have a great weekend!

Average A said...

Ha! Yes, the worst part of my accident was having to walk my bike home. I felt like such a loser. :P I love that you name your prized possession, too! I ALMOST named my bike Ethel, but, well, Stella won. I am not opposed to naming my next bike Ethel, as I'm thinking of getting a commuter bike. :)

Okay, having three bikes, though ... now that's just silly. :P

Naming Mr. Anastos!! This could be blog post-worthy, if you don't mind waiting. :)

Have a great weekend!