Thursday, July 22, 2010

Four Things Thursday

Because it’s my blog and I’m not feeling the cutesy today.

1.  Today was a speedwork day – hooray!  Nice and short, and thank goodness for that because I didn’t get going until 11 am.  Hello hot.  Five miles total with two 1-mile repeats, easy peasy, and I hit them both at 7:38 (goal was 7:48, w00t).  Sadly, I made the total moron move of not bringing anything to drink.  Even more sad, I made this same moron move last week and really should have learned my hot and thirsty lesson.  Apparently I have short-term memory issues (“Hey, you’re Tony Randall!”).

2.  My favorite part of today’s run (besides killing my splits)?  The orange Gatorade that was waiting for me when I walked in the door.  The Hubs makes Gatorade from powder WAY stronger than I do; it was actually gritty from the undissolved powder and tasted like Tang.  YUM!

3.  I attempted swim drills yesterday and I didn’t completely suck.  I did kick drills, stroke drills and speed drills.  Who knows if I did any of them correctly, but I look at it like this:  ya gotta start somewhere.  Goodness knows when I first started doing running drills I was clueless and that turned out okay.  Is there a Swimmer’s World magazine I can subscribe to?

4.  Today is my baby’s 10th birthday!  I have no idea how he “growed up” so fast, but I’m so excited about the person he is turning out to be.  Happy Birthday Little Boy!!


ajh said...

Congrats on the good job on the speed work! I forgot my water last week but remembered it today. Thank goodness because I needed it! Happy Birthday to your son!

Middle Name Marie said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Good job with the speed work! Happy birthday to your son! It's crazy how times flies by!

Average A said...

I took a hint from you and actually did a little speed work today -- but just a little!! A solid 3-mile run at a faster than normal speed, then finished up with 30 second all-out sprints. I think that counts as speedwork!?! It better. :)

Now if only I can train my cat to leave me recovery drinks! Ha!

Happy birthday to your little triathlete!


Julie said...

I need to start doing more speed drills/workouts too. Everytime I think or feel like I am pushing myself I get just a little scared and remember that stupid blood clot. You did awesome on your miles...pretty speedy too! I pretty much brong water on all of my runs these days. It is just to flipping hot not to...even the shorter runs:)

Happy Birthday to your little man! Time really does fly and before you know it you will have a college boy on your hands:) Enjoy every second that he is a little boy! Woo hoo, tomorrow is Friday!

Teamarcia said...

I'm glad somebody is nailing their speedwork this week because it isn't me.
Happy birthday to your big boy!

Whitney said...

Good job today! I joined the US Master Swimming local club and started getting a Swimmer magazine with that membership. Way to start with drills...I always feel goofy doing them!

Becka said...

Haha at "moron move" - I did that last week too, when it was 99 degrees!! I brought water, but I left it in the back of the car while putting on sunscreen, boo!

Happy Birthday to your (not-so) little one!

Laurie said...

Great job with the speed work and the swim drills. I think I would've died without water.

Happy birthday to your now double-digit son!