Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Training Day

For most of our training, The Hubs and I can work out a schedule that leaves one of us at home with the boys while the other of us is out for a run or a ride.  Occasionally, there's a short amount of overlap time (my boys are 12 and 10 - trust me, they can turn on the TV and pour their own cereal while we're out).  Now that The Hubs is deep in Half Iron training, though, it's getting trickier to get in my long runs and bricks.  Today, we solved the problem by taking the boys out to the lake and getting in some of their tri training, too.

The kids, of course, were completely on board with this because exercise is way more fun when you call it "training."  Likewise, that boring old peanut butter toast tasted so much better because we were "fueling," and everyone loves bragging about it later, a.k.a "blogging."

We left the house nice and early, but it was already creeping into the 70s when we arrived at the lake.  The Hubs set off for his long-ass bike ride and I got in the water for a little OWS practice.  Since it wasn't actually on the training schedule for today, I didn't push my pace or my distance, I just enjoyed the feel of the water and only ended up swimming about 400 meters.  Then Big Boy and Little Boy got some open water training in and they did awesome!  My boys are like fearless fish in our pool, so I wasn't worried about them having any of my panic issues.
Ready to get in the water!

Out of the water and fueling up for the bike

Everyone's ready - let's roll!

This lake is at the top end of the bike trail that The Hubs and I rode a few weeks ago.  Doing an out-and-back from this end means that the first half is net downhill and the return trip is, in a word, brutal.  I had eight miles on the plan this morning and high hopes to keep my pace in the sub-nines.  Um, yeah, in the heat and on hills...that didn't happen.  But I had such a great time running with my kiddos that I wasn't really thinking about my pace.  (Sadly, what was actually going through my head was Miranda Cosgrove's silly song - the last thing I heard in the car - that I barely know any of the words to.  This is why I like to run with an iPod.)

This bike trail is very well-traveled on the weekends, and there was no shortage of cyclists and runners this morning.  Lots of people said things like "Way to go!" to the boys, which made them very happy.  Big Boy and Little Boy have accompanied me on a few runs here before and I'm so proud of how far they've come with bike trail etiquette and hill-climbing skills.  They were both up out of the saddle on the 8% grades and they even got to pass a few slower riders (while calling out "On your left!")

As we neared our car, both boys decided that they wanted to do a little run to finish off their morning, to make it a full triathlon training session.  "Are you sure you're up for it?" I asked.  "Of course, Mom, we're hardcore like you and Dad" was the reply.  Am I the luckiest mom in the world or what?!?!  So, off they went for a loop around the parking lot while I took a red-faced and sweaty pic.
*whew*  All done with my run, now I'm waiting for the kids to finish theirs

Right about the time we finished up our ride and run, The Hubs came back from his bike ride and headed out for the second half of his brick, a 5 mile run.  I checked the weather and felt a whole lot better about my inability to hold a regular pace:  84 degrees at the finish of my run - yikes!  Since we were at the lake anyway, what better way to cool off than hopping back in the water?
Finally done - what a great morning of training for everyone!

Final stats for the whole family:
Me - 400(ish) meter swim @ snail's crawl slow + 8.01 mile run @ 9:09
Big Boy and Little Boy - 150(ish) meter swim + 8 mile bike + .5 mile run @ race-ready pace!
The Hubs - 45.33 mile bike + 5.28 mile run @ speeds I can't even achieve in my dreams

Happy Weekend and Happy Training!  Did you enjoy some "family time," too?


Middle Name Marie said...

If by family "training" you mean laying out on a boat, then, yes, we did some of that this weekend.

So great that you are raising healthy little triathletes.

ajh said...

Sounds like a lot of fun with your kids. I love how they are into the whole training thing and the vocab! Sounds like a great day.

Char said...

I just love that the whole family is getting out and exercising - and looking like they're loving it.

Heather said...

The first 2 pictures of your boys made me smile! That's so cool that your whole family is able to get out and do all of those things together!

~Andrea~ said...

I love this. You have such a cute family. How awesome that you all spent a day "training" together. Great stuff for the kids. I remember growing up watching my mom play raquetteball at the gym. It left a great impression on me. Now, my kids dress up with my Road ID and headband and love to go outside to get ready for a run. Super Cute!

Heather said...

Nice job to your whole fam! The pic of your boys in their goggles is so cute. :)

While we were golfing today, Sophie wanted to run and she kept saying "I'm almost to the finish line mom!" Love it.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

What a great family day! That is so awesome that your boys are at an age and ability to exercise with you! My boys are 3 and 5, so I cannot wait until they can do that too!

Average A said...

If only all families could involve physical activities in the time they spend together -- this is so much more meaningful than video games, going out to eat, or hell, even worrying about paces and times. Good on ya for doing this with them. Looks like a blast!


Johann said...

That is great! I try to get my family running and hiking while I do long training runs on trails in nature reserves sometimes. They love it and can then support me at the same time. The way you did the family training is awesome!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

LOVE IT!! I love that your kids are so into "training" and hope someday I can say the same thing about my girls. Great job on your run in the heat!