Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Habits and Routines

I was so happy to go for my bike ride this morning, I got up extra early to make sure nothing got in my way (you know, like a creek mishap). I cruised through my favorite not-quite-nine-mile loop at a lovely clip, then cleaned up and dashed off to work. At work, I did some strength training after my shift. When I got home, I was hungry for lunch but made myself hop in the pool before I ate (because once I sat down with lunch I would start checking email, reading blogs, and playing on Facebook and before you know it, the kids would be home and we'd be off to their activities and I would still be swim-less). I powered through 800 meters - and by "powered" I actually mean "crawled" - and then settled in for an afternoon of internetting. [final stats: 8.72 miles on the bike @ 18.1 mph, 800 meters in the pool untimed but most certainly slow]

Before you can compliment me on my drive and energy - thank you, btw, that's my favorite compliment - let me tell you what I didn't do. I totally didn't do my core workout. Boo, me. I always do my core workout when I come home from a bike ride. Bike rides and core workouts go together like PB & J, but today I didn't have any J. Of course, my official excuse is that I had to get to work, but in reality, I plain ol' forgot to do it, which isn't like me at all.

I am a girl who loves a routine. Gimme a rule and I'll follow it. If it's on my training plan, by golly, I'm doing it (okay, except for yesterday - but that was a serious anomaly). The truth is, I'm not a real motivated person, I'm just a creature of habit. So, here I am at the end of the day, faced with a dilemma: do my core workout now (which would feel strange because exercise is a morning thing for me) or skip it today (which would also feel strange because now I know I forgot it earlier and I was supposed to do it)?? Hmm, or Door #3: do it tomorrow after my run? That sounds sorta like a peanut butter and banana sandwich - not quite a PB & J, but still delicious.

Is exercise a routine for you? Or do you squeeze in what you have time for/feel like?


ajh said...

I love a routine too. I am very good about following a training plan. Tell me what to do and I am there. And congrats on your drive and energy.

gmontalvo13 said...

you're awesome! i want to try swimming, but i think i need professional help!

and i love a routine, when i can stick to it anyway :)

thanks for the comment!

Average A said...

Exercise is not exercise to me ... it's true love. :) I live for routines and structure and discipline (except for when it comes to core workouts), so training plans and I get along REALLY well. I am known to go a little overboard and kind of ignore some signs and signals, so I'm trying to learn more about that... but a good run is generally not anything I have to "squeeze" in -- it's life I have to squeeze in around running!

Also, I'm glad you found my CEP review helpful. They really are wonderful socks and come highly recommended. I haven't tried RecoverySock or any other brand, but the truth is I haven't needed to ... I love the ones I have now. :)

Heather said...

I am definitely a routine girl too. I think it helps me keep from talking myself out of a workout - if it's Monday after work, I just go to the track and run because that's what a do Monday after work. :)

Kerrie T. said...

I tend to try to stick close to a routine, but moms sometimes have to change it up. I'm sure you know what I mean!

Nice job!