Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Goals Friday!

Alright, I'm a newbie blogger, so bear with me while I figure this stuff out and get the hang of who's who.
I entered my first giveaway today - I'm so excited!! Check it out here: Running on My Time Sweaty Bands Giveaway. I adore Sweaty Bands! I saw them at Fleet Feet and pretty much needed one just from looking at it, so I gave 'em a try. In a word, they are awesome! They never slip, never bunch, never do anything, in fact, except look great and hold your hair back perfectly. So, hopefully, I'll be adding to my collection of them soon. *fingers crossed*
Also, I'm stealing the idea for today's post from Erica at RunMommyRun. I hope these links I said, I've just moved to BloggyVille. :-) I am a HUGE believer in setting goals, and I love to make lists, so this idea totally appealed to me. If it actually originated from somebody else, please let me know so I can give props!

So, here are my Five Goals:
1. Swim for a whole mile. I had the very best swim in the world this morning. So good, in fact, I am a little sore from it - I went 1000 meters!!! And I probably could have kept going, but I didn't want to push it too far too soon.

2. Get comfortable on my bike - a two-part goal. I love my bike and have made a lot of progress in my riding skills, but I still don't wear clip on shoes, which I know makes me look like a geek on my fancy bike. So that's part one of this goal. Also, even though I have practiced on the aero bars, I'm still pretty nervous about using them. That's part two.

3. Get through my To-Do List. This is a very short-term goal, as in, I need to get this done TODAY! I have been slipping a little farther behind every day lately, like for a week, so today is the day I get caught up. No slackers!

4. Pick another TRI. I've already got one on the books (more accurately, it's on the refrigerator - that's where I hang my training schedule) for July 10th, but I'm loving this training so much that I'm gonna do two this summer, possibly three. I can't believe I'm even thinking about this, to be honest. A month ago, I was terrified but determined to do one, but now that swim training is going so well I don't feel like stopping!

5. BQ. Yep, there's the biggie. I'm planning a November marathon and what a wonderful birthday present it would be to myself to accomplish this goal. *sighs dreamily*

To me, it feels good to have goals, and a plan, and a direction. How about you? What are your Five Goals this Friday??


gmontalvo13 said...

hi there! i'm kind of new myself...and you did better than me w/the giveaways-- i didn't even link to their pages! lol
i know how now and it's super fun! welcome! :)

Teamarcia said...

Thanks for your comment!
My 5 goals? hmmm get thru ice show madness this weekend, do my last long run before next weekend's half, try not to eat my weight in junk, well that's a start anyway. have a great weekend! said...

I know of a certain tri in Minnesota in August, lol!