Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easy run? Not so easy today...

I had one of those runs this morning where I just wasn't feeling the love. Much as I enjoy running, there are some days that I absolutely slog through the miles, and today was that sort of day. I went through the usual excuses in my head: it's a little windy, it's pretty warm out, my dinner last night wasn't exactly "run food," etc. but the fact is...I was just flat. But you know, in the long run (*groan*) a day like today is really important training. It's good to know that I can keep myself going even when my mojo is droopy. I dug into my bag of mental tricks and distractions and finished the distance I set out to do (which, for the love of Pete, was only THREE miles! Seriously, who has trouble running three lousy miles? Apparently I do.) My pace ended up at a perfectly respectable but not speedy 8:03. I can live with that. Sometimes having a mediocre run or race can really set me up for a terrific one next time, like I've got something to prove to myself. So, I'm looking forward to that!

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