Friday, May 21, 2010

Run/Swim Day

So according to my training plan, I wasn't supposed to run today - whatever!! The plan doesn't include nearly enough running to suit my tastes, so I changed it. (Hey, I made the plan myself, so I can make the changes, too). I ran the kids to school, which doesn't count because I didn't turn on my Garmin, then cruised around the neighborhood for a lovely 5-miler. I felt pretty good, not great, and ended up with a pace of 8:05, which puts it firmly in the "Good Run" category. Yay, me.
Even today's swim made it into the "Good Swim" category, making it pretty much the only one in there...poor lonely swim, maybe I can have other Good Swims soon to keep it company. I left my Timex in the drawer and just let myself swim. I took a few breaks (such as when I accidently swallowed so much water I thought I would choke to death) and ended up comfortably swimming 500 meters! I'm well aware of the fact that 500 meters is nothing to brag about, but I'm bragging about it anyway. 500 meters is huge for me, like the first time I ran "a whole mile, honey, a WHOLE mile!" The lack of timing totally helped. I really, truly didn't care that I was slow or clumsy, I just wanted to swim as long as I could. And in a pool that's approximately 71 degrees right now, I think 500 meters was plenty long.
Tomorrow is a do-nothing day. That is to say, do nothing on the training plan...goodness knows I have plenty to do: help out at Relay for Life, attend a birthday party, get my kid packed for Science Camp and help the other kid with a book report project. Aaaaaaah, what a relaxing Saturday.

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