Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gotta Talk about Biggest Loser

Yesterday I biked and swam - they both went really well and I was very happy. Today I ran 5 miles at a sub-8 pace, which is awesome, yay! Got it? Good. Because what I really want to talk about is the Biggest Loser finale!! OMG, this is why I don't watch any more TV than I do, because I become completely emotionally involved and addicted and feel like I know these people (even though, clearly, I do not). I was seriously on edge all day long waiting for the finale last night. I know, get a grip P. But I was excited. I really, really, really wanted Ashley to win, even though I had a feeling that Michael would. I mean, honestly, he was soooo big to start, the odds were really in his favor once he made the final four.

Here were my thoughts on the evening:
Sherry looked so beautiful and thin and healthy!!! Wow!! I hope she has a boyfriend because she's hot!
I wish Darrell would have won the at-home prize because he looked amazing! And he did most of that work at home, I was so impressed.
John and James didn't look like they had lost very much weight at all! I felt bad that they were still so big and I was bummed that Subway or somebody didn't offer them a deal to lose more weight.
Speaking of that - wasn't Eric (the previous winner who gained it all back) supposed to weigh in??? He looked awesome and has obviously worked hard again to lose the weight.
I thought it was pretty funny of the producers to put the green team and the red team on stage at the same time - DRAMA!! And then Melissa did all the talking, ugh! I really liked her at first, but then she just got to be too much. She looked smokin' hot in that dress, though.
I totally love Daris and voted for him to be in the final three. I'm so glad he found a girlfriend.
I thought Sam's hair looked goofy. He was so sexy the whole time on the show and then last night he looked like a nerd. Like Ben Affleck when he was with J-Lo. Yuck.
Did you notice that Koli would have won the whole thing if he'd been voted into the top three???? His percentage was higher than Michael's and you know he's totally bitter about that!
Ashley looks so good but that girl is gonna need some plastic surgery to get rid of the extra skin. Wouldn't that just be the biggest bummer in the world, to lose so much weight and still not be able to show it off?
*whew* Okay, I think I got that all out of my system. Oh, no, wait, there's one more thing: I'm really looking forward to Losing it with Jillian. But why didn't Bob get his own show?????

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