Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh, yes, today was BRICK day and I was feelin' all migh-tay, migh-tay, just lettin' it all hang out. I love brick days. They're a real challenge for me, and it feels so terrific to meet (and sometimes even exceed) my expectations for myself. Here's what I loved about today's workout:
1. I was wearing a new Terry bike skirt, and don't new clothes make everything better?? The whole "bike skirt" concept is new to me, I have to admit, and while I love me some running skirts, I wondered how it would translate to a world on wheels. Don't wait for an answer, I'll tell you: it was AWESOME! The shorts stayed in place, the chamois was perfect and not too "diapery" for the run afterward, and the skirt made me feel all girly and kick-ass.
2. I was faster than I thought I might be. I fricken love it when that happens! I didn't fuel or hydrate particularly well yesterday, and it was VERY windy (15 mph according to I am a total weather nerd and check it obsessively all day long. I should be a farmer, but I digress...). On the bike, I was struggling through the headwind only to turn a corner and find out I had been struggling through a crosswind - UGH! So, I made the most of the tailwind and thankfully hit only a few red lights, which always helps my overall pace (10 miles at 17.3 mph today, definitely a good ride). For the run, I did an out-and-back route that gave me a crosswind both ways and ended up with 3 miles at an 8'10" pace - yay!
3. Weekend traffic. Nobody rushing the kids to school or racing to work. It was just me and the donut shop workers on the road at 6 am...beautiful!
4. My excellent workout has segued into an overall excellent day, with me all relaxed and happy, the kids playing outside in the sunshine, and the laundry folding itself. Oh, wait, maybe I just dreamed that last one.

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